The Most Improved Boys In The 5K Returning From 2017

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Today we're looking at improvement for returning boys in 2018 based on their past two-year cycle in cross country. As always, it's not so much about looking directly at the nation's best, as it is deciphering what's happening overall beyond the top 50 times in the country. 

If we look at those two variables, two very different lists populate. On the national side, we get to see the improvement of Fort Worth Christian (TX) incoming senior Carter Cheeseman, who managed a move from Tennessee to Texas in 2017 and still managed to improve 45 seconds on grass, submitting his first sub-15 effort in the process--that included his leading 14:42.44 among all returners in 2018 

Beyond Cheeseman, however, you'll find an athlete like Kyle Harkabus. The Georgia native returns with the seventh best time from returnees last year (14:53.54), but within the top 10 nationally, he produced the second best improvement, cutting 73 seconds from his freshman to sophomore year. 

It's not all about the nation's best athletes, though. 

In California, Cupertino Monta Vista (CA) junior Kyle Tsujimoto improved the most among any athlete in 2017, dropping 3:34.30 from his freshman to sophomore seasons--all the way down to a 16:03.00. In Oregon, Reid Quiggins of Beaverton Southridge wasn't far behind, cutting 3:32.64 off his year-over-year times, producing a 16:03.19. 

Check out the full lists below. 

National Leaders Improvement 5K - Best Improvements Among All Athletes