XC Sessions: Tanner Anderson Aaron Rich Nov 11, 2013

Tanner has made a big rise this year, culminating in a state title over big names like Joe Hardy and John Dressel. Check out more inside! (Photo by Jennifer Vandine)

XC Sessions: Lauren Gregory Aaron Rich Oct 17, 2013

That flash of purple you've seen streaking across the Colorado landscape has taken the state and the country by storm, and she's only a freshman! Don't blink, you might miss her.

XC Sessions: Hannah DeBalsi Aaron Rich Oct 14, 2013

Hannah has kept it under the radar so far this year, but she did run a little meet in Connecticut where she destroyed the CR by over a minute.  Watch out for her as the season progresses. (Photo by Angelle Albright)

XC Sessions: Steven Fahy Aaron Rich Oct 05, 2013

All in the family as Steven Fahy follows brother and Foot Locker Finalist Darren Fahy to greatness, but forges his own path to success. (Photo by Maria De La Rosa)

XC Sessions: Kramer Morton Aaron Rich Sep 25, 2013

Kramer was juuust outside All-American status in 2012.  With a great attitude and fitness to be reckoned with, you have been warned, he will be up there this year! (Photo by Margot Kelly)

XC Sessions: Joe Hardy Aaron Rich Sep 23, 2013

Joe Hardy, WA, is the Saucony Elite 50 #2 runner in the country and each race out he gets better and better.  Learn a great deal more about Joe right here!