New Balance Nationals Indoor: Sprints Preview


Girls Sprints: 60m - 200m - 400m - 60mH - 4x200 - 4x400 - SMR - 4x55mH

Boys Sprints: 60m - 200m - 400m - 60mH - 4x200 - 4x400 - SMR - 4x55mH

Boys 60mH Championship

Entries: 23

2018 Winner: Ayden Owens, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 7.59 seconds

Armory Record: Trey Cunningham, Winfield, Alabama, 7.40 seconds

National Record: Trey Cunningham, Winfield, Alabama, 7.40 seconds

Threats To Win: Joshua Brockman, Zion Gordon, DeAnthony Coleman, Cameron Harris, Myles Marshall, Kurt Powdar, Sincere Rhea, Andre Turay

Analysis: This might be the most competitive championship of any race at NBNI. Of the eight athletes listed above, all eight could potentially win. You have the No. 1 ranked athlete (Powdar), the No. 2 (Coleman), the No. 3 (Marshall), the No. 4 (Turay), the No. 5 (Brockman), the No. 6 (Gordon) and the No. 7 athletes (Harris and Rhea) all listed in entries. 

Powdar false started last year and has been the most consistently dominant of any athlete in this group. So from a motivation factor, he's got a short lead. But Turay, who was fourth last year, could steal it, too. Those two athletes are the only two returners from the finals last year. The biggest sleeper here could be Brockman, who has scored three times in the 7.8 range this year alone.