MileSplit50 Boys Team Rankings Countdown

Analysis: The guys from Newbury Park have one of the best front runners in the game in Nico Young. Even behind him, the team looks strong again this year. They are returning five of their top seven from their Division 2 state CIF State Cross Country Championships team. The team won the state meet with a 53-second 1-5 split and a 15:34 average. Newbury Park placed six at last year's NXN Championships with a strong pack all in the top 120 places. Look for them to return just as strong this year. 

A preseason Q & A with head coach Sean Brosnan

How long have you coached (overall/at your school): 

I was with Scott Simmons at Queens University of Charlotte for a few seasons and coached a few post-collegiate athletes (Including my Wife) though the years. 

I just started my 4th year coaching cross country and track for Newbury Park.


What's your meet schedule:

The main meets for the Newbury Park guys are:

 Woodbridge Invite (September 22)

Clovis Invite (October 12)

CIF California State Championships (Nov 30)

NXN (December 6)


What was one important moment over the summer with your team and why? (Camp/Preseason Meeting/Etc.)

I would say our top 10 guys living in Big Bear (altitude) for 4 weeks. They made a commitment to be the best in the country. The team became much closer after this trip and more focused. Even more than the physiological benefit, it was a great way to bond as a team to understand what lies ahead this fall and what it will take to reach their goals. 


What's the focus on training over the summer for the varsity squad?

Lots of things are the focus. Getting stronger all around, working on speed (we do this all year), building our miles up, getting good sleep, and good eating habits. Our summer is about starting our progression towards the CA State Championships and NXN. We basically focus on a lot of things

Which athletes do you see as a probable five/top seven this season? 


It's always hard to say this early, but if I had to guess today my for sure top 4: 

Nico Young
Jace Aschbrenner
Colin Sahlman
Nick Goldstein

 Then we have a bunch of others gunning for the 5,6,7 spots. It's almost impossible to tell as of yet. Any of the following guys could make those spots:  

Tommy McDonnell
Zaki Blunt
Matthew Siroky
Lex Young
Leo Young
Daniel Appleford
Fargo Billgate
Ben Kohlhepp

Which athletes have taken a bigger role in terms of veteran leadership?

Jace Aschbrenner and Nico Young for sure! They are true leaders with commitment and getting the team to believe.

How have they shown it/what will you expect from them in 2019?  

They train very hard and very smart. They are both completely coachable and allow me to coach them 100%  no questions. They have complete trust in me as their coach and that's so important in order to be successful.  I think a bunch of course records will go down in the races we focus on. Individual records and team records.

Who are some new faces who will make an impact in 2019? (i.e. freshmen, transfers, runners who've improved)

The freshman Young twins (Lex Young and Leo Young) The have an older brother as a great role model.

Aaron Cantu (Freshman).

Matthew Siroky (Senior who moved from Las Vegas area).

Also, a Junior who is a completely different runner than last year - Tommy McDonell.

Six weeks before the state championships, what's a staple workout that's readying this team for the postseason run?  

Six weeks is still a lot of time before a championship, so we are still doing hard work. There are no staple workouts at Newbury Park. Every year is different with some new or some older athletes. We just try to focus on things one week at a time and the specific situation at hand. 

I once had a coach tell me not to have my athletes do anything race-specific or fast until 6 weeks before championships. In a nutshell - we don't follow that advice at all!  

What will success look like in 2019 for this team? 

California DII State Champions
NXN Champions

What's the biggest challenge facing this team this fall? 

 Making sure we don't over race and holding the guys back. In a perfect world, we would only race once in September, once in October, and then start the CIF rounds in November.


Is there a quote or a saying, or a purpose your team lives by? What is it and why? 

I get this from coach Martin (Adams State coach): "There are a lot of places that want to be excellent, there are few that live it day in and day out." It reminds the Newbury Park team what we need to do day in and day out to be excellent!

What are three big goals for this team in 2019?
Work harder and smarter than everyone else.
California CIF State Champions
NXN Champions

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Projected Top 5:

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MileSplit50 Boys Team National Rankings Countdown



Aug. 20 -- Farmington (UT)


Aug. 20 -- Loan Peak (UT)


Aug. 20 -- Kamiakin (WA) 


Aug. 20 -- Hersey (IL)


Aug. 20 -- Davis (UT)
20Aug. 21 -- Jesuit (OR)
19Aug. 22 --  Clovis North (CA)
18Aug. 23 -- Bishop Hendricken (RI)
17Aug. 24 -- Southlake Carroll (TX)
16Aug. 25 -- La Salle Academy (RI)
15Aug. 26 -- El Paso Eastwood (TX)
14Aug. 27 -- Lewis And Clark (WA) 
13Aug. 28 -- Dublin (CA)
12Aug. 29 -- St. Charles East (IL)
11Aug. 30 -- Tahoma Senior (WA)
10Aug. 31 -- Christian Brothers (NJ)
9Sept. 1 -- Wheaton Warrenville South (IL)
8Sept. 2 --  Corner Canyon (UT)
7Sept. 3 -- Dakota Ridge (CO)
6Sept. 4 -- The Woodlands (TX)
5Sept. 6 -- York (IL)
4Sept. 6 -- FM (NY)
3Sept. 6 -- Newbury Park (CA)
2Sept. 6 -- Great Oak (CA)
1Sept. 6 -- Loudoun Valley (VA)