Presley Miles

Presley Miles: Adapting to the New Norm Presley Miles Mar 28, 2020

The "norm." Is there such a thing at this time? Being a "ducks in a row" type of gal this situation is confusing and irritating. With plans being changed, new routines in place, and goals having to be revised, it's hard to find the positives. But amongst all of these rain clouds, there is a silver lining.

Presley Miles: Eat with Purpose Presley Miles Jan 15, 2020

Why must you fill your car up with gas instead of something as abundant and convenient as water? We must use gas, or the car will not run properly. Just like filling the car with gas, we must fill our bodies with the proper fuel, so it will perform optimally. We must eat with purpose.

Free Watch Party: The Perfect Race ! Presley Miles Oct 3, 2019

Running movies are few and far between but Dave Christiano from Nashville continues to put out solid family friendly flicks targeted at viewers who enjoy the sports of cross country and track and field but demand a great plot as well.

Presley Miles: Your Internal Flame Presley Miles Aug 12, 2019

At the end of every school year, when the long trips to meets are done, exams are finished, practices become voluntary, and you have the option to enter a persistent vegetative state to watch the latest season of Stranger Things-you could keep your fire burning and sign up for some awesome running camps!