NBIN 4x800s - Rhodes burns rubber, Stotans surprise Geoffrey Decker Mar 11, 2012

Brooklyn's Boys & Girls High School was right at home in New York City tonight at the Washington Heights Armory. The Kangaroos, long known for their success in the sprint relays (they are defending champs in the 1600 meter relay), notched a new title on their belt with an exhilarating come-from-behind win in the 3200 meter relay. 

NBIN Boys 4xMile Wrap-up - An Island State Shocker Geoffrey Decker Mar 10, 2012

All morning, the buzz at the Armory around the boys 4 x mile was focused on two powerhouse programs that have dominated distance running in recent years. It was a two-horse race, the chatter went, and whichever favorite emerged – Shaker High School or New Jersey's Christian Brothers Academy – would also own a new national record. (Photo by Geoffrey Decker)