The Top Six Races In VA Showcase History

2. Katelyn Tuohy's National 5K Indoor Record In 2018

Thirty-five seconds.

That's how fast North Rockland High School then-junior Katelyn Tuohy ran the very first 200m of a 25-lap race in 2018 at The VA Showcase.

Up until then, the high school girls national 5K record had been broken in 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013. 

In each ensuing year, a bulls-eye was placed on the new time. 

And then Tuohy made the mark unbeatable, clocking a time of 15:37.12 en route to the record. It was a full 18 seconds faster than Brie Oakley's previous high school record of 15:55.75 from the previous year. 

Keep in mind, Oakley became the first high school girl to break 16 minutes in the 5K in 2017. But Tuohy, fresh off a national championship at Team Nationals in 2018, absolutely shattered it. 

While the overall national 5K record has been broken by Jenna Hutchins -- the Science Hill (TN) graduate ran 15:34 outdoors in 2020 -- since then, it's quite likely that Tuohy's indoor mark will stand for quite some time.

It might be the kind of record that will require another special runner, just like her, to surpass it. 

But that could be difficult, too. Consider that only 97 girls ran the 5K distance indoors in 2018. In most years, less than 100 girls run the distance on an indoor oval. It's the kind of race that isn't sanctioned in any state; very seldom is this distance even run indoors, outside of major championship events. 

Which is why this record is so special. You'll need a generational talent like Tuohy to topple it. 


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