The Top Six Races In VA Showcase History

4. Brian Herron's National 300m Record In 2018

The invitational 300m in 2019 was a historic field, comprised of the nation's best sprint talents.

Brian Herron. Tyrese Cooper. Eric Allen Jr. Austin Kratz. Nick Ramey.

Coming off the final turn, you could feel the energy inside Liberty University's Indoor Facility swelling with excitement. And by race's end, it turned into the fastest race in high school history. 

Herron became the second high school boy to ever go under 33 seconds, securing a new national record of 32.64 seconds. In doing so, he defeated Cooper, who had run a national record of 32.87 the year prior. 

In total, three performances were among the top 10 efforts of all-time, while the fourth (Ramey) and fifth (Kratz) were within the top 40 all-time.


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