The Top Six Races In VA Showcase History

3. Bullis School's Girls 4x200 Record In 2018 (Which They Later Broke)

This Bullis School girls team was among the best in high school history. 

And it was in this race where Sierra Leonard, Masai Russell, Shaniya Hall and Leah Phillips dropped Jamaican powers Hydel, St. Jago and Virginia powerhouse Western Branch en route to a new national record of 1:35.40.

It was part of two incredible races that weekend, with the majority of the same relay squad -- Leonard, Russell and Hall -- running the second-fastest 4x400 in history in 3:39.60. 

The girls would go on to break the 4x200 record again at New Balance Nationals Indoor, posting a time of 1:34.75. No team has matched that time since. In fact, the Bullis School girls are the only team to ever break 1:35 all-time.


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