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Preliminary Performance Lists

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The VA Showcase, one of the nation's top indoor meets over the winter season, will begin on Friday at the Virginia Beach Sports Center. 

With nearly 3,000 athletes set to compete at the annual meet in Virginia, we're expecting a series of stellar performances, from potential state record-level times and marks, to even national records. 

Below, we recap all the pre-meet content and information ahead of the weekend. 


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The Virginia Beach Sports Center

1045 19th Street

Virginia Beach, VA 23451



To keep lines down and points of interaction down as much as possible, the VA Showcase has gone completely online for ticket purchasing. You must purchase your ticket online prior to entering the meet.

$25/weekend pass (Friday/Saturday) + taxes/fees or $15 Per day

$15/Sunday Pass + taxes/fees 


There is no fee for coaches on Friday/Saturday. Coaches must have a wrist band though to designate them as a coach and not as a spectator/athlete.

Coaches on Sunday must pay $15. They can purchase their coaching pass as a spectator ticket for Sunday. Those two tickets are the same. 


The VA Showcase on Friday and Saturday is sanctioned by the NFHS/VHSL. For all the states sanctioned, please reference the meet page where the list is constantly updated.

There are no unattached athletes allowed during NFHS/VHSL sanctioned competition. USATF competition is sanctioned by the USATF. 


Friday January 13

8:00am: Packet pickup opens, DOORS WILL NOT OPEN EARLY

9:00am: Doors Open, facility open for teams and warmups

11:30am: Coaches Meeting Day 1 

12:30pm: Boys & Girls Adidas Nationals 200m Dash Qualifier (6 Sections Per Gender)

1:00pm: Girls 55m Hurdle Prelims (Top 8 Advance to 60mH Final)

1:05pm: Girls 1600m Run

1:30pm: Boys 55m Hurdle Prelims (Top 8 Advance to 60mH Final)

2:30pm: Boys 1600m Run

2:00pm: Girls 55m Dash Prelims (Top 8 Advance to 60m Dash Final)

3:00pm: Boys 55m Dash Prelims (Top 8 Advance to 60m Dash Final)


Begin Invitational Events 


4:30pm: Fastest Kid In The USA, 10 & Under 200m Dash (USATF Meet)

4:35pm: Girls Invitational 500m Dash (Top 1 Section Only)

4:40pm: Boys Shuttle Hurdle Relay

4:45pm: Championship Girls 4x400m Relay (1 Section)

4:50pm: Championship Boys 4x400m Relay (1 Section)

4:55pm: Girls Shuttle Hurdle Relay 

5:00pm: Girls Invitational Distance Medley Relay (1 Section)

5:20pm: Boys Invitational Distance Medley Relay (1 Section)

5:35pm: Girls Invitational Mile (Top 3 Sections)

6:05pm: Boys Invitational Mile (Top 3 Sections)

6:25pm: Girls Invitational 300m Dash (Top 24 Athletes In 6 Sections, Top 4 Athletes running on Saturday)

6:35pm: Boys Invitational 300m Dash (Top 28 Athletes in 7 Sections)

6:45pm: Combined Boys & Girls 1 Mile Race Walk 


Begin Rolling Schedule


7:00pm: Girls 300m Dash (Top 5 Sections w/blocks)

8:05pm: Boys 300m Dash (Top 5 Sections w/blocks)



Friday January 13 Field Events 

12:30pm: Girls Triple Jump (Both pits), Boys Shot Put, Girls Pole Vault (Both pits if necessary)

4:00pm: Girls Invitational Triple Jump (front pit)

4:30pm: Boys Long Jump (pit B - until after invite is finished then two pits)

5:00pm: Girls Invitational High Jump, Boys Invitational High Jump

6:00pm: Boys Invitational Long Jump (front pit)

6:30pm: Girls Invitational Pole Vault, Boys Invitational Shot Put

7:00pm: Girls High Jump (Two Pits)



Saturday January 14

7:00am: Facility Opens & Track Opens For Warmups

8:00am: Girls Unseeded 3200m Run (Fastest Section First)

9:00am: Boys Unseeded 3200m Run (Fastest Section First)

10:30am: Girls 4x800m Relay (Fastest Section First)

11:15am: Boys 4x800m Relay (Fastest Section First)


Opening Ceremony, National Anthem, & Begin Invitational Events


12:00pm: Girls 60m Dash Final 

12:05pm: Boys 60m Dash Final

12:08pm: Fastest Kid In The USA 60m Dash

12:10pm: Girls 60m Hurdle Final

12:15pm: Boys 60m Hurdle Final

12:20pm: Girls Invitational Sprint Medley Relay (Two Sections)

12:30pm: Boys Invitational Sprint Medley Relay (Two Sections)

  12:45pm: Girls Invitational Two Mile (One Section)

  1:00pm: Boys Invitational Two Mile (One Section)

  1:15pm: Girls Invitational 4x200m Relay (Top 16 Teams in 4  Sections)

  1:35pm: Boys Invitational 4x200m Relay (Top 16 Teams in 4 Sections)

  1:55pm: Girls Invitational 1000m Run (One Section)

  2:00pm: Boys Invitational 1000m Run (One Section)

  2:05pm: Girls Invitational 500m Dash (Top 4 Sections)

  2:15pm: Boys Invitational 500m Dash (Top 5 Sections)

Spirit Presentation

2:40pm: Girls Invitational 800m Run (One Section)

2:45pm: Girls Invitational 300m Dash (Top 4 Athletes - 1 Section)

  2:50pm: Championship Mixed 4x400m Relay (One Section) 


Begin Rolling Schedule 


2:55pm: Girls 4x200m Relay

4:00pm: Boys 4x200m Relay

5:05pm: Girls 1000m Run

5:45pm: Boys 1000m Run

7:05pm: Girls 500m Dash

8:00pm: Boys 500m Dash

9:00pm: Girls 4x400m Relay (All but top section)

9:20pm: Boys 4x400m Relay (All but top section)

Remaining Boys Sprint Medley

Saturday January 14 Field Events 

9:00am: Boys High Jump (Two Pits), Girls Shot Put, Boys Pole Vault (One Pit), Boys Triple Jump (Both Pits) **PLEASE NOTE THE EVENT WILL BEGIN AT THIS TIME AND WARMUPS WILL BE FINISHED

1:00pm: Boys Invitational Triple Jump (front pit), Boys Invitational Pole Vault 

2:30pm Girls Invitational Shot Put 

3:00pm: Girls Invitational Long Jump (front pit)

3:00pm: Girls Long Jump (Pit B - until invite is finished then both Pits)




Rolling Schedule All Day

8:00am: Doors Open 

9:30am: 200m Dash (Old To Young)

12:00pm: 1500m Run (Old To Young)

12:30pm: 60m Hurdle Finals ((HSB, HSG, 13/14B, 13/14G, 11/12B, 11/12G))

 1:00pm: 4x800m Relay (Old To Young)

 1:15pm: 60m Dash Prelims (Old To Young)

 2:30pm: 3000m Run (Old To Young)

 3:30pm: 4x200m Relay (Old To Young)

 4:15pm: 400m Dash (Old to Young)

 6:45pm: 800m Run (Old To Young)

7:00pm: 60m Dash Finals (Old to Young) 

 8:00pm: 4x400m Relays (Old To Young)

Sunday January 15th Field Events (ALL USATF CLUB MEET)

All field events are youngest to oldest


Field Events begin at 10am 


Boys Long Jump and Girls Long Jump followed by Triple Jumps 

Girls Shot Put followed by Boys Shot Put 

Girls High Jump (One Pit) --- Boys to Follow after 2pm (One Pit)

Girls Pole Vault (One Pit), followed by Boys Pole Vault (One Pit)