Week 1 Training Blog: Keegan Smith Is All Smiles

Keegan Smith had one of the best freshman seasons in cross country history in 2021, clocking the fastest 5K ever recorded by the class in 14:53.79 at the Southern Showcase. Outdoors, he ran a freshman class 3,200m record of 8:52.96 and clocked a mile best of 4:14.37. But the rising Knoxville Catholic sophomore -- an Eastbay Nationals qualifier in 2021 -- knows he's ready for more this fall. Over four weeks, the Tennessee native is going to share his training with MileSplit as he prepares for the incoming season. Week 2, Smith said, is going to feature a legendary workout, along with his first time trial. 

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Week 2

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(August 29 - September 4)

    Monday, August 29: MICHIGAN MONDAY! 7 miles

    Today was one of two Michigans I will be doing over the course of this season. For those that don't know, the Michigan is a series of descending intervals, proceeded by a 'recovery' mile on the road: track mile, road mile, 1,200m, road mile, 800m, road mile (optional), and finally an all-out 400m. My times were the following:

    Track Mile: 4:38; Road Mile: 5:22; 1,200m: 3:29; Road Mile: 5:21; 800m: 2:19; 400m: 54

    It was tough. However, I was feeling strong and ended up surprising myself with the 400m. After sitting out for a couple of weeks because of surgery, I am finally getting in some much-needed work. 

    Tuesday,  August 30: 7 miles

    Today was an easy day. I felt sore but what else can you expect after running the Michigan? I ran seven miles today at 6:56 pace. 

    Wednesday, August 31: 7 miles

    I had morning practice today before school. Today was the sorest I have felt in a long time. Combine recovering from surgery, the Michigan, a 7-mile day, and now practice at six in the morning, I was beat. Little did I know I still had a long week ahead of me. I ran another 7 miles today at 6:34 pace. 

    Thursday, September 1: Time trial Thursday! 6 miles total 

    It wasn't so much a time trial as it was a glorified workout. I ran a hard two miles by myself on a difficult course. I still felt sore from the long week, but overall, I lived up to my expectations. I feel ready to attack my first 5K coming up on September 10. 

    Friday, September 2: 7 miles

    Today was an easy recovery day from yesterday's time trial. I ran another 7.0 miles at a pace of 6:54. I felt really good today; the time trial seemed to ease my soreness.

    Saturday September 3: 8 miles

    had a 'long run' today. Since I am still in the recovery phase from surgery, my mileage for the week is low. This means I only had 8.0 miles today. Even if it wasn't a true long run, it was still my longest run of the week and a harder effort. I ran with two of my fellow underclassman teammates, Tony Ortega and Radek Molchan. We ran in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. It was a great run with pretty views. I ran my 8.0 at 6:24 pace. After the run, we went for a swim and ice bath in the Little River.

    Sunday, September 4: 3 miles + strides

    Last run of the week was an easy 3.0 miles. I have a workout on Monday, so today was just a feel-good kind of day. I averaged 6:13 per mile and ended with some quick, on-grass strides.

    Total Mileage: 45 miles