Week 1 Training Blog: Keegan Smith Is All Smiles

Keegan Smith had one of the best freshman seasons in cross country history in 2021, clocking the fastest 5K ever recorded by the class in 14:53.79 at the Southern Showcase. Outdoors, he ran a freshman class 3,200m record of 8:52.96 and clocked a mile best of 4:14.37. But the rising Knoxville Catholic sophomore -- an Eastbay Nationals qualifier in 2021 -- knows he's ready for more this fall. Over four weeks, the Tennessee native is going to share his training with MileSplit as he prepares for the incoming season. Week 2, Smith said, is going to feature a legendary workout, along with his first time trial. 

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Week 1

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    Monday, August 22: 4 miles

    One-week post-wisdom teeth surgery, I ran an easy four mile shakeout. I felt a little throbbing in my sockets, but overall, not too bad of pain. It was an easy recovery run, around 7:45 pace per mile. Finished the day up with lots of stretching and hydrating.

    Tuesday, August 23: 4.5 miles

    Today was another recovery run. I ran 4.5 miles at an average of 7:47 per mile. I felt pretty good today, not much swelling anymore. I had little to no pain in my sockets. Lots of stretching afterwards. It was good to be back with the team and easy run with the boys' team.

    Wednesday, August 24: 3 miles 

    I had morning practice today before school. I ran three miles at an average pace of 7:03 per mile. I was feeling a little tired this morning, but waking up at 5:15 a.m. never helps. As far as my recovery from surgery, I felt amazing. I feel ready for my first workout tomorrow.

    Thursday, August 25: 2-mile warm-up + 3x 200 on/200 off/1,600m (6.5 miles)

    I completed my first workout since surgery today! I started the evening with a two-mile warmup. In this warm-up we do a half-mile pick-up at tempo pace and then slow it back down over the last half-mile. The workout for today was three times a 200 hard 200 easy followed by a 1,600m at tempo pace. My times were the following, 32/5:15, 33/5:18, 33/5:14. I felt tired after this workout. The combination of school and recovery took a lot out of my legs. Finished the day with a half mile cool-down, totaling around 6.5 miles.

    Friday, August 26: 5.5 miles

    Today was an easy recovery day from yesterday's workout. I ran 5.5 miles at 7:34 pace. I felt great today, just making sure I prevent any injuries that may be caused by pushing it too hard too early after surgery.

    Saturday, August 27: 3.5 miles

    I ran a quick 3.5 miles today at a pace of 6:32 per mile. I finally feel back to normal and ready to roll for next week.

    Sunday, August 28: 5 miles

    Last run of the week was an easy 5 miles at 7:40 pace. Today was just a light day to prep me for next week. I will be putting in a lot of work next week. Today was a good way to end on a high note for this week.