AAU's Charles Oliver On Black History, Life Lessons & Legacy

Olivia and Cory sat down with AAU's Charles 'Coach O' Oliver recently to talk on a wide range of topics, including Black History Month, his personal history within track and field, the progress the sport has made over the years and the kind of legacy he's leaving behind. For more discussion with prominent figures in the sport, check out our series page honoring Black History Month below. 

Interview Segments: 

  • What Black History Month means to Coach O [1:30]
  • On individuals in the sport who have inspired Coach O [3:00]
  • On shaping a path forward for track and field [8:30]
  • On the sport's growth over the years [11:00]
  • Coach O on being driven as a young athlete [13:00]
  • On being a founding member of the Troy chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi [16:00]
  • Fondest memories as a coach [18:50]
  • A letter to his younger self [23:00]
  • Advice to coaches today [24:30]
  • On Coach O implementing programs [26:00]
  • What drives Coach O today [30:20]
  • On being remembered, and the legacy Coach O is earning right now [31:45]