A Discussion On Black History And Progress With Aly Conyers

Cory sat down with Heathwood Hall senior Aly Conyers recently for a dicussion on Black History Month, progress within Black Lives Matter, her experiences over the last eight months and what her future looks like as she heads toward the University of California, Berkeley, in the fall 2021. You can follow Aly on Twitter at @alyconyers.

Interview segments: 

  • On what Black History Month means to Aly [1:00]
  • On inspirations of the past in the sport [2:33]
  • On leading a march for BLM in Washington, D.C. [4:00]
  • On what that learning experience being on the frontlines of social justice had for her [6:00]
  • On the roles she's going to continue to carve in the future [7:30]
  • On athletics being a platform to help boost Aly's voice [9:00]
  • On the role athletics play in her life [11:00]
  • On the things she's love about track [11:45]
  • On what she's learning from traveling, seeing parts of the world [12:30]
  • On the goals she has looking forward in her life [13:30]
  • Looking ahead to Cal, how Aly pictures her next phase [14:30]
  • The characteristics Aly takes from her parents [15:45]
  • On how her parents felt of Aly's growth in the last eight months [16:45]
  • On the impact Aly wants to leave in this sport and in her communities [18:00]