Seven Under The Radar Performers From The VA Showcase

* Halyn Senegal (left to right), Ashton Schwartzman and Terrell Robinson had standout performances at The VA Showcase this weekend

- - - 

The VA Showcase had no shortage -- repeat: absolutely no shortage -- of showstopping performances this weekend in Viriginia Beach. 

But in some respects, it could be easy to lose sight of some of the races that were equally as impressive, especially considering that most would would stand alone as ridiculous moments in any other meet. 

So we felt it was our obligation to highlight some of these under the radar efforts in our review, just 48 hours removed from competition. 

Below, our honorable mention picks. Then, check the links to read more about what made each athlete's weekend so special. 

Honorable Mention: Cooper Mack, Hali Murphy, Steven McElroy, Cha'iel Johnson, Jerry Philippe, Jayson Ward, Emma Seetoo, Ava Parekh, Alyssa Jones, Mekhi Gammons


Timberg - Spearman - Rich - Dadamio - Robinson Jr. - Senegal - Schwartzman