The Top 7 Events At USA U20 Championships To Keep An Eye On

5. The Absolutely Loaded Women's 400m

Field: Kayla Davis (Run U Xpress, NC), Athing Mu (Trenton Central, NJ), Bailey Lear (Southern California), Alexis Holmes (Penn State), Paris Peoples (Arkansas), Ziyah Holman (Georgetown Day, DC), Kennedy Simon (Texas), Meghan Hunter (Provo, UT), Kimberly Harris (Buford, GA), Ramiah Elliott (Indiana Storm, IN), Lily Williams (Grandview, CO)

Why: Four-hundred meter stars across five separate signing classes will collide in one of the most talented events to field entries at USA Juniors. And there's no debating that. No athlete is slower at this distance than 53.79 seconds. There's a strong likelihood that it will be a battle to even get out of the first round. Three athletes have PRs under 52 seconds, while three high-level collegiate runners (Holmes, Lear, Peoples) will lean on NCAA experience to aid their performances in the rounds. Davis, the young freshman from Charlotte, North Carolina, is coming off an all-time performance of 51.17 second at New Balance Nationals and will be tough to beat. Harris, a junior from Buford, won an indoor national title at the distance, while Elliott, a fast riser from Indiana, is a sleeper to get through the rounds.