Saucony Flo50 Summer Training Blog: Jess Lawson

Week 8: 8/29-9/3

Last week of summer training! This week was one of my highest mileage weeks ever as I ended up running 48 miles. Overall a very productive week as we had 2 workouts and 2 races and everyone looked good. I believe this will be my last log :'( but it's been fun. Here's to a fast and fun XC season.

(8/29) 9.5 at 7:22 pace, today was just an easy mileage day before the workouts and 2 races that we have this week.

(8/30) 4.5 miles at 7:40 pace around Notre Dame with one of the girls on the team. It was just an unofficial visit, looking around and checking out the campus.

(8/31) Today we had an intrasquad race to determine who would make the Varsity teams. Overall the race went really well and both the girls and guys teams demonstrated a lot growth from last year which is SUPER exciting. Personally, the race didn't go so well for me and I didn't feel smooth at all, but my coaches know best and helped me recognize that it's just the beginning of the season. After the race, we did a fartlek workout over the entire 5k course again followed by a cool down and stretching.

(9/1) Today was a double. In the morning, I went for an easy 8.4 miles with the guys at recovery pace and in the evening we did cruise interval 800s which is basically a threshold workout. I did 8 800s and felt really good which was comforting since we raced yesterday. After the workout we went inside and did our stretching circuit.

(9/2) Today was a pre-meet and the final "Lawson Lame Game" of the season. The team was separated by grade and each grade had to replicate a lego tower from 400m away by running back and forth gathering information and memorizing patterns...Seniors were victorious! After the game we practiced race starts and did strides before returning to the high school.

(9/3) Elmira Relays! Today was Corning's first XC race of the season. We were broken up into relay teams of 3, my team's order was Emily Niu, Kate Mertus and then I anchored. We each ran a 3k and I ran 10:31 which is a new pr for that course. I got off the line a little fast and was through 1000m at 9:30 pace but other than that the race felt really good...a lot better than the intrasquad race. I can't believe I have begun my final XC season as a high school runner.

Weekly Mileage: 48.07