Saucony Flo50 Summer Training Blog: Jess Lawson

Week 7: 8/22-8/27

I am very happy with this week, I was able to get 45 miles in with good workouts and 3 solid lift days...It was also a fun week because of all of the team related activities that went on.

(8/22) Today was a double practices so in the morning I went for an easy run and in the evening we did a fartlek workout on hills. It was a ladder type workout starting at 1 min hard 1 min easy up to 5 min hard 5 min easy and back down, the "hard" pace was race pace effort. The workout was a little tough but it felt good to have another workout under my belt. Total mileage today is 15.83.

(8/23) Since I got in a lot of mileage yesterday the team went on an 4 mile recovery run followed by stretching and team bonding...everyone introduced themselves what grade they are in and why they are doing XC, there were some humorous answers. After practice I went to Fiorillo Fitness and did an upper body workout.

(8/24) Today was a threshold workout day. I did 2 miles at 6:06 pace and another 2 miles at 5:54 pace followed by another single mile. I still felt Monday's workout in my legs so the thresholds, especially the first 2 miler felt tougher than usual.

(8/25) Today was another double practice, I did a lower body and core workout at Fiorillo Fitness followed by an easy 6 miler in the morning and at night was the annual costume run! My friends Emma, Maeve, Pearl, Marian and I dressed up as cavewomen...a distinct change from last years costume of disney princesses. It was a lot of fun and we ran around the city of Corning in our costumes and proceeded to win the award of best group!

(8/26) Capture the Flag! Today was another "Lawson Lame game" day and after our easy run we played capture the flag for about 30min before heading inside. After the game some of the girls team went to a waterpark for a fun team bonding trip. I also got in an upper body workout this morning which was great.

(8/27) Easy 4 at 7:30 pace. A few members of the team, including myself volunteered at the Time to Sperr road race event today so I did a quick run before heading to my water station.

Total weekly mileage: 45.43