Saucony Flo50 Summer Training Blog: Jess Lawson


Highest mileage week to date! I felt pretty good all week and since we didn't have a race, the team was able to get 3 solid workouts plus lifting in.

(9/12) 10 miles at 7:35 pace. Longest run since the summer, it was nice to be able to get in a long run in again and I felt pretty's starting to feel like fall.

(9/13) Easy recovery run with the girls team on hills.

(9/14) Today was our threshold workout day. We ran to Dennison park and I ended up doing 5 continuous miles at threshold pace (30:06) I felt very smooth and strong which is encouraging. After thresholds we met in the weight room and did a lower body lifting workout.

(9/15) Today we went on a nice and easy recovery run followed by 8 rolling 200s on grass. The pace of the 200s was mile effort, I felt a little sore from Tuesday's lift but that's all. Total mileage today was just over 6.

(9/16) Today the team went for an easy run followed by stretching. I only went for 4 miles because tomorrow is going to be a tough workout and I'm going to run far on Sunday with the Providence team.

(9/17) Today was the annual 5 by 5 at 5 workout. The top girls and boys met up at the school at 5:00am and did a mile interval workout on the track at goal race pace for a race coming up. I did 5 reps at 5:22,5:22,5:25 and 5:15. I didn't feel as good as I wanted to but fortunately I was able to get my fastest rep under 5:20.

(9/18) 10mi at just over 7min pace, I was on an official visit in Providence so I went on an early morning run with the team before going to watch the USATF 5k championships which was awesome.

Total weekly mileage: 52.43

Quality week with two races. My legs were feeling pretty tired towards the middle of the week but I was able to bounce back and feel great at the pre-states meet where I was able to hit a new PR of 17:26! Overall, a solid week of training.

(9/19) Today was my final day at PC and I went for an easy 5 in the morning, followed by 800m of strides since I have a race/workout tomorrow.

(9/20) Today Corning had a race in Elmira. The plan was for Corning's top 5 to stick with the top pack and then kick with about 1000m to go, it ended up being a threshold effort race for me, but Corning won and the team looked good which was exciting! After the race I did a fartlek workout with 10x1 minute pick ups at race pace.

(9/21) Today we had an easy hill run and I went for 8.6, the team ran up to the top of Sunset drive which is always a nice run.

(9/22) Swim day! I did an easy 6 miler before hopping in the pool, in the pool we did 50 widths followed by core and a team ice bath.

(9/23) Nice pre-meet run with Emily. We went for just under 4 miles and then came back to the school and did 800m of strides on the grass by the high school.

(9/24) Today was the pre-state meet at Chenango Valley. My goal for the race was to run around 17:45 but I ended up breaking my own course record and running a PR of 17:26! I'm psyched to start off the XC season with such a great race and to pick up right where I left off last XC season. Team wise we did great. Getting 2nd to a 2015 NXN qualifier is a good confidence booster since Corning has been training very hard and it's only September!

Total Weekly mileage: 46.47

Watch the pre-state meet race below: