Saucony Flo50 Summer Training Blog: Jess Lawson


Very happy with the workouts and content of this week and I feel like I am getting stronger and more prepared for fast race starts through these faster paced workouts. I had some hip flexor pain last week, so before all of these workouts and runs I make sure to really warm-up the area.

(10/10) Workout day! The team ran to Denison park together, did speed D, some strides, and then started the workout. The workout was geared towards maintaining an aggressive race pace during a 5k. The entire workout was done on rolling hills of grass or dirt to simulate a cross country race, once we hit the 800 and 1000m part I went a little too fast so I tuned it down a bit but I felt good!

4x200m (38, 40, 40,40)

1x800m (Goal: 2:39, my time: 2:34)

5x1000m (Goal 3:24, my times: 3:14, 3:11, 3:21, 3:24, 3:18)

(10/11) Today was a threshold workout day. I did my first 6 mile continuous threshold run ever!! So that was pretty cool/exhausting. My time was 36:18 which is about 6:03 pace, I felt great through 4 miles then the 5th felt a little rough but then the final mile felt good. After the run I was able to get a solid lower body workout in with squats, lunges, calf raises and then I stretched and did a core workout with Emily and Maeve. Total mileage for the day was just over 10.6

(10/12) Today I had a nice run with Coach Cartwright, we talked about college, training and other fun stuff :) after the run I hopped on the elliptical to get to an hour of activity. 30min running + 30min elliptical

(10/13) Easy pre-meet run followed by 8 100m strides

(10/14) Meet day! I ran the race at threshold pace to help my teammates Emily Niu and Kate Mertus to run under 19 minutes. Kate was able to run 18:54 on a full 5k XC course for the first time which was awesome for her and for our team. Before the race I did a mini-workout and did a quick 800m at 2:36 to simulate a fast race start.

(10/15) I visited Stanford this weekend which was I ran 6 miles with the Stanford team to hit mileage, it was very rainy but super fun!