New York Girls Are Absolutely Crushing The 3K This Season

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Even if you take away the fact that Katelyn Tuohy broke a national record in the 3K this indoor season (9:01.81), the argument could still be made: 

New York girls have absolutely dominated the 3K this indoor season. 

Across 13 athletes who have broken 10 minutes at the distance this winter, eight of those athletes are from New York. 

And New York played host to one of the state's best 3K races this weekend when Tully's Brooke Rauber, a small school star, went toe-for-toe against Fayetteville-Manlius' Claire Walters at the Section III State Qualifier Meet in Utica. 

Why has New York garnered such a presence at the distance in 2019? 

There could be several factors.

  1. New York has long tailored to the indoor season, while southern and western states largely don't race very much over the winter season
  2. New York has access to a wide range of indoor venues and styles of tracks -- flat, oversized, banked, hydraulic. 
  3. And the state also historically has been among the nationally elite in cross country, which makes a crossover to distance events over the indoor season all the more familiar. 

But 2019 has been unlike many others in recent memory, perhaps along in line with the 2012 or 2010 season. Nine New Yorkers currently own times within the top 20 efforts nationwide, with seven of those athletes being within the top 10. 

As much credit that goes to being in a state that values indoor track and field, an equally enduring theme is the development of athletes from 2017 to 2019 -- the amount of top 10 and top 20 athletes in the 3K has nearly doubled -- which means ... coaches in New York are doing a tremendous job of making the most of talent. 

Here's how that same stat shook out in previous years (Top 10/Top 20): 

  • 2018: 4/6
  • 2017: 4/5
  • 2016: 5/9
  • 2015: 1/4
  • 2014: 5/8
  • 2013: 4/7
  • 2012: 6/10
  • 2011: 5/9
  • 2010: 6/12

Check out how the top 20 New York girls compare to the rest of the country. 

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NY vs. The Rest Of The Country In The 3K

rankny athletetimetimenational athleterank
1Katelyn Tuohy9:01.819:20.91Marlee Starliper2
3Brooke Rauber9:33.679:48.49Victoria Patterson8
4Claire Walters9:36.319:50.62Abby Loveys9
5Kelsey Chmiel9:45.609:54.39Emma Wilson11
6Sarah Connelly9:47.389:55.35Jenna Mulhern12
7Jenna Schulz9:47.5910:01.17Natalie Cook15
10Lily Flynn9:51.2410:01.67Hannah Schupansky16
13Phoebe White9:56.0110:02.38Elizabeth Sullivan17
14Ella Kurto10:00.7010:02.41Sophie Atkinson18
22Faith DeMars10:04.4810:03.25Grace Forbes19
25Sarah Trainor10:07.8410:03.81Emily Carter20
27Karrie Baloga10:09.3910:04.08Julia Trethaway21
33Mary Borkoski10:10.8310:06.62Sophia Jacobs-townsley23
34Maggie Maier10:10.8410:07.82Sophia Reynolds24
35Roshni Singh10:11.0510:08.03Lauren Robinson26
36Brynne Wright10:11.4610:09.40Gianna Labbiento28
38Hannah Ielfield10:13.4210:09.63Emily Boutin29
40Olivia Morganti10:15.4210:10.47Mari Noble30
43Alexandra Thomas10:17.1010:10.64Olive Allen31
49Jenna Newman10:18.8710:10.73Isabell Sagar32