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  3 Laura Leff - Post-Race Interview
  4 Abbey Leonardi - Post-Race Interview | Pre-Race Interview
  5 Karlie Garcia - Post-Race Interview
  7 Catarina Rocha - Post-Race Interview | Pre-Race Interview
  8 Kelsey Braithwaite - Post-Race Interview
  9 Makena Morley - Post-Race InterviewPre-Race Interview
 10 Julia Bos - Pre-Race Interview
 11 Sophie Chase - Post-Race Interview
 12 Karis Jochen  - Post-Race Interview
 13 Angel Piccirillo - Post-Race Interview | Pre-Race Interview
 14 Lindsey Burdette - Post-Race InterviewPre-Race Interview
 15 Alexandria Fons 
 16 Megan Moye - Post-Race Interview
 17 Nikki Hiltz - Post-Race Interview
 19 Olivia Ortiz - Post-Race Interview
 20 Nicole Mello
 21 Maria Hauger
 22 Camille Chapus - Post-Race Interview  |  Vicky Cook Chapus (qualifier in 1979-80 and 81)
 23 Jordan McPhee- Post-Race Interview
 24 Anna Maxwell - Post-Race Interview
 25 Taylor Manett
 26 Sydney Scott
 27 Clare Carroll - Post-Race Interview
 28 Holly Bischof
 29 Samantha George - Post-Race Interview
 30 Alexis Panisse
 31 Kaylee Flanagan
 32 Sydney Segal
 33 Hannah Oneda
 34 Alana Hadley - Post-Race Interview
 35 Lily Williams - Post-Race Interview
 36 Caroline Kellner            
 37 Emily Nist - Post-Race Interview
 38 Bridget Blake - Post-Race Interview
 39 Tori Gerlach - Post-Race Interview
 40 Meredith Speakman - Post-Race Interview


  1 Edward Cheserek  - Post-Race Interview
  2 Futsum Zeinasellassie - Post-Race Interview | Pre-Race Interview
  3 Nathan Weitz - Post-Race Interview | Pre-Race Interview
  4 Jake Leingang - Post-Race InterviewPre-Race Interview
  5 Daniel Vertiz - Post-Race Interview | Pre-Race Interview
  6 Andrew Gardner - Post-Race Interview | Pre-Race Interview
  7 Tony Smoragiewicz - Post-Race Interview | Pre-Race Interview
  8 Joshua Brickell - Post-Race Interview
  9 Thomas Graham - Post-Race Interview
 10 Sean McGorty
 11 Dallin Farnsworth - Post-Race InterviewPre-Race Interview
 13 Dustin Wilson - Post-Race Interview
 15 Matthew McClintock - Post-Race Interview
 16 Timothy Ball - Post-Race Interview
 18 Connor Rog   
 19 Jacob Thomson - Post-Race Interview
 20 Robert Domanic 
 21 Daniel Lennon - Post-Race InterviewPre-Race Interview
 22 Jonathan Green          
 23 Thomas Madden
 24 Christopher Allen          
 25 Michael Clevenger - Pre-Race Interview
 26 Malachy Schrobilgen        
 27 Evan Chiplock    
 28 Ryan Polman       
 29 Sam Berger
 30 Luis Luna     
 31 Cameron Miller - Post-Race Interview
 32 Addison DeHaven 
 33 Grant Nykaza       
 34 Billy Gaudreau - Post-Race Interview
 35 Joel Hubbard
 36 CJ Albertson - Post-Race Interview
 37 Kevin Durham - Post-Race Interview
 38 Miles Smith                 
 39 Chris Godwin - Post-Race Interview
 40 Blake Udland 

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Girls Results

Boys Results


Molly Seidel (Midwest) crossing the finish line - Photo by Don Rich


  • Girls Race:  Erin Finn (Midwest) took an early lead in the race setting a very brisk pace.  Makena Morely (West), Grace Tinkey (South) and Karlie Garcia (West) led the follow pack for the first mile.   Finn hit the mile at 5:10 with a strong lead heading into the super hill.  Molly Seidel (Midwest) moved into 2nd place at the 1.5 mile mark closing the gap at the 2 mile.   Finn crossed the 2 mile at 11:08 with Seidel in 2nd, Abby Leonardi (Northeast) in 3rd, Garcia in 4th and Tinkey in 5th.   Seidel took the lead going up the super hill for the second time with Finn in 2nd and Garcia in 3rd and Leonardi in 4th.  Finn took the lead back on the downhill with an incredible downhill sprint.  With 400 to go Seidel found new energy and serged ahead sprinting to the finish with a time of 17:21.4.  Finn took 2nd in 17:23.9 with Laura Leff (Northeast) in 3rd in 17:33.9 and Abbey Leonardi in 4th in 17:35.3.  Karlie Garcia rounded out the top 5 in 17:35.6.


Edward Cheserek crossing the finish line in a tight race - Photo by Don Rich


  • Boys Race:  CJ Albertson (West) took the lead crossing the 800 mark in 2:21.  Edward Cheserek (Northeast), Futsom Zenasellassie (Midwest) and Darren Fahy (West) led the chase group.  Albertson gapped the group by 30 meters at the mile with a 4:48 time.  Cheserek and Zenasellassie made a move on the supper hill and  took the lead form Albertson with Thomas Graham (South) moving into 3rd.  Fahy moved into 4th on the downill with Daniel Vertiz (South) in 5th.  With the group coming together and crossing the halfway point at 7:20 it became anyones race.  Cheserek and Zenasellassie pulled away from the group and was runing side by side with a mile and a quarter to go crossing the 2 mile at 9:50.   The two runners continued to run shoulder to shoulder swapping the lead every few meters.   Zenasellassie took the lead heading up the super hill with Cheserek responding and taking back the lead half way up the hill.  On the downhill Zenasellassie tried to make a move but Cheserek responded quickly.  The 2 runners were still battling for the top spot with 500 meters to go.  At 150 meters Cheserek started his move and went into a full kick as Zenasellassie tried to follow.  Cheserek crossed the finish line in 14:51.5 with Zenasellassie in 2nd with 14:52.1 Nathan Weitz (West) finished 3rd in 15:20.5.   Jake Leingang (Midwest) finished in 4th in 15:21.2  and  Daniel Vertiz  rounded out the top 5 in 15:22.5.

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