Track Chats: Jeramy Elkaim

Jeramy Elkaim, Governor Livingston NJ, won the NJ MOC 3200 on Thursday with a US#1 time of 8:46.08.  The race was tight with Joe Rosa, WWPN, until the last two laps where Jeramy put the hammer down with laps of 64 and 61.  They're both juniors so they will be back at it next year!  Race Video | Read on to learn more about Jeramy...


To read all the TrackChat Interviews, click here  The NJ MOC was smoking this weekend. Very fast times all around but especially in the 3200 with your 8:46 and Rosa's 8:48. Are you surprised with your time, a 14-second drop from last week?


Jeramy Elkaim:  I am very surprised with my time. I knew I could run faster, but I didn't know I would be able to drop that much time.  30 runners in the country broke 9:00 this year for 3200. Did you expect to be at the top of that pile at the end of the NJ track season?


Jeramy Elkaim:  I thought I would be one of the runners by the end of the season that broke 9 and hoping I'd be somewhere in the middle of the pack. Being at the top is just insane and something I thought would be impossible coming into the year.  How had your workouts been going leading up to the meet?


Jeramy Elkaim:  My workouts have been good. On a usual speed workout day I would do 4-6 400s at about 63 with 90 seconds rest and 6 200s at 30 with a jog back. On my other days on the track I just do workouts that aren't necessarily fast but they are just for me to try to keep my form.  How tough were the last few laps of that race, dueling it out with Joe? Where did you dig down to find the energy for that last lap sprint?


Jeramy Elkaim:  The last 3 laps were insanely tough and there were a few times there where I thought I was going to lose and he'd just pick it up too much for me to handle, but I knew if I was with him I'd have a chance to win. The last 300 where I took the lead I think was just 100% adrenaline.  Any plans for a national meet this year? What goals would you set?


Jeramy Elkaim:   I'm running the 2 mile at New Balance Nationals. Coming into the season I wanted to get under 8:55, but now if the race goes out fast enough I want to try to get Craig Forys' state record. (8:44.53 from NON in 2007)  What has been your most memorable race to date in your high school career? Why does this one stand out?


Jeramy Elkaim:  My most memorable race to date would probably be my 1600m at the Essex County Championship meet because that was the first time I ever actually developed a kick. I closed my last 800 in 2:02 and 400 in 58 high and ran 4:13.8.  What are some fond non-running memories from high school this year?


Jeramy Elkaim:  Some fond non-running memories I have from this past year is going to the Yankee game on Memorial Day, going to the first home game that the Nets won this year, and going to a Jets game (even though they lost to the Dolphins).  What do you like to do with your time when you aren't competing or practicing? Hobbies? Activities with friends?


Jeramy Elkaim:   I love to hang out with my friends, go to the movies, chill on the computer, and play poker.  When did you first get into running? Was there a particular event or person that influenced you?


Jeramy Elkaim:  I first got into running Freshman year indoors because I realized I was just too small to play basketball and I wanted to stay in shape. The person that convinced me to stay with it was Jacob Schneider who was the best runner on our team at the time and he told me how much potential I had and how much success I could have at this sport.  What role models do you have in T&F? Why?


Jeramy Elkaim:  One of my role models in track and field is Galen Rupp because it seems like he always races smart and knows what he has to do to win races.  Who do you look up to outside of T&F? Why?


Jeramy Elkaim:  A role model outside of track and field I have is my brother because after college he really wasn't doing anything special or anything he wanted to do. That didn't stop him from looking though and then he got recruited into the army to be in intelligence and once he started he worked so hard to get everything done and was in the top of his class for everything he did.  If you allowed yourself to think ahead for the next several years, what would you like to accomplish as a senior? In college? Beyond college?


Jeramy Elkaim:  As a senior I want to try to get under 8:40 in the 2 mile and win nationals. In college I want to try to be an All-American by my junior or senior year depending on how my training goes. After college it all depends on what happens in college but, I'd like to think I still would be running competitively.

Here are some quick-fire fun questions...

Favorite movie?
My Cousin Vinny

Favorite quote?
"Don't take life to seriously you'll never get out alive" -Van Wilder

Greatest American Idol ever?
I don't really watch, but I'd say Kelly Clarkson she seems to be the most successful.

Pet peeve?
People blatantly trying to make up things off the top of their head.

If you were lost on a deserted island and could only bring one (non-life-essential) item what would it be?




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