Track Chats: Jake Hurysz

Jake Hurysz, Eastern Alamance NC, won the 3200 at the prestigious Arcadia Invitational with a US#1 time of 8:49.76.  Jake improved his personal best by nearly 20 seconds by taking the lead on the last lap after a torrid pace.  Read on to learn what makes Jake tick...

  Your 8:49.76 is faster than anyone else in the history of NC prep track.  What a great way to enter the Penn Relays and post-season.  How are you feeling about your conditioning now?

Jake Hurysz:  Yes, it is a great way to go into Penn.  It's a huge confidence booster and helps me realize I can win.  I feel like my conditioning is where it needs to be.  I might need to bring my mileage up a little bit, but as of right now, I feel really fit and ready to go.  What are your plans for the 3k at Penn?  You have to have pretty good confidence now.

Jake Hurysz:  My plans going into the race are to just stick with the leaders.  I hear the Jamaican kid (Kemoy Campbell) is very good but I’m not too familiar with him.  We'll see how the race goes but the goal is to run a fast time and set myself up to win.  Has this run caused you to revamp your outdoor goals?  If so, what have you had to change?

Jake Hurysz:  After this weekend, my coach and I have to sit down and think about some possible post-season races.  I'd be very interested in running the adidas mile in NYC and possibly the Distance Gala.  Obviously New Balance Outdoor we will consider but only time will tell.  What type of workouts and training do you do to prepare for the pace required for such a time to be run?

Jake Hurysz:  I have been doing a lot of strength stuff such as tempo's and fartleks.  Before a big race such as this one, I'll do repeat quarters at race pace to train my body how the race is going to feel.  I think they help a lot.  Do you have a favorite workout that stands out from the rest?  What is the best you have done at this workout?

Jake Hurysz:  I 'd have to say my favorite workout would be repeat 1k's in the trails.  These are very smooth and I'm really big on strength type workouts.  They aren't too hard and help tremendously.  I normally do 7x1k at around 2:50 pace with 30 seconds to a minute rest.  It vary’s in the day.  What has been your most memorable race to date?  Why does this one stand out?

Jake Hurysz:  Arcadia has to be the most memorable race thus far.  Before this, Footlocker Nationals was, but winning the 3200 meter invite at Arcadia is such an accomplishment.  What do you like to do with your time when you aren't competing or practicing?  Hobbies?  Activities with friends?

Jake Hurysz:   Whenever I’m not racing on the weekends, I like to hangout with friends and play some basketball and play some Xbox.  I’m pretty busy throughout the year so when I have a chance to just chill, I take full advantage of it.  What role models do you have in T&F?  Why?

Jake Hurysz:  I’d have to say that my role model would have to be my coach.  He has helped me so much over the past year to get to this stage and without him I wouldn’t be where I am today.  Who do you look up to outside of T&F?  Why?

Jake Hurysz:  Outside of track, I look up to my family.  My mom and dad are extremely supportive of me and they are behind me 100%.  They are there for me in every aspect of life such as: school, running, and just being a good person.  I thank them so much.  Are you running in college and have you decided on a college yet?  If so, what excites you most about collegiate running?

Jake Hurysz:  I will be taking my skills to the University of North Carolina next year.  I’m so excited about being a Tar Heel and running for coach Watson next fall.  All of the guys on the team are really motivated and excited about the incoming freshman class.  We have an awesome group of guys next year and it is going to be an exciting 4 years!