The Scoop: Grace Nabs A Big PR & Fast Relays In Arkansas

* The University of Arkansas indoor track

Photo Credit: University of Arkansas

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The weather outside may be bitter and cold, but the performances that we're seeing indoor are flaming hot. 

All around the country, there were plenty of incredible, record-breaking performances this weekend, and with so many of them being at The VA Showcase, they get their own article.

However, there was still plenty of action at many meets from the relays to the pole vault.

A familiar trend that we've seen in years past is a lot of athletes waiting until mid-January to open up their indoor campaign and begin preparations for the slate of national championships in early March.

Here are four of the biggest performances of the weekend that have these athletes trending up.


Page 2: Jaden Wiley Takes Top Spot Atop 200m Leaderboard

Page 3: San Antonio Swift Drops Nation Leading 4x800m

Page 4: H-Town Hurricanes YTC Clock 3:47 For 4x400m

Page 5Hannah Grace Vaults To The Top At Pole Vault Summit

Page 6: Josiah Tostenson throws down an incredible 3K