Training Blog: Cicero North Syracuse's Kate Putman

Cicero North Syracuse (NY) senior Kate Putman has a big season ahead of her. The New Yorker finished 14th at the New York Cross Country State Class A Championships in 2021. During her junior season, she earned an indoor state title in the 1,500m before she finished fourth at New Balance Nationals Indoor in the two-mile, where she clocked the fifth-fastest time in the U.S. with a personal best of 10:15.18. We've asked the New York native to give us some insight on her training this season, and this is the third of a four-part training blog heading into cross country. 

"One thing I learned that helps me get through many workouts and push through many races is telling myself "yes I can, yes I can." 

- - -

Week 3 (August 29 - September 4)

Monday, August 29: 10 miles

We started the week off strong with a long run! My long run consisted of nine miles with strides, adding up to another mile at the end. Today my legs and body were hurting from (extreme) tubing, however, we were able to pull along to make it a good run. After practice I headed straight to physical therapy. Due to me being drained from the long run, they took it a little easier on me today by excluding a set from everything I did, along with some other modifications. I always like how they run through why I am doing the exercises I am doing, and how they are going to benefit me in the long run (no pun intended lol). 

Tuesday, August 30: 8 miles 

Today we tried a new workout I have never done before.

We attempted 8x800s on the track and aimed for paces between repeat and interval. My target pace was between 2:30-2:35.

The first few were decently easy as we were just getting into it, but once reps 5-8 came along I was working. I decided to take my watch off mid-workout because I found myself continuously looking at it for no reason. I just allowed Coach Broton to read me my paces and trust that I could get myself to the line in a desirable time. One thing I learned that helps me get through many workouts and push through many races is telling myself "yes I can, yes I can." I learned this from my club coach (Coach Mom). She really ingrained it in my brain during the covid season when I would travel with her, and my amazing club team down to Virginia Beach to race! This workout also included a one mile warm up, and cool down, plus a 400 meter active recovery in between sets. 

Wednesday, August 31: 7 miles 

Over my high school seasons I have learned just how important recovery runs are, and recovery in general. My teammate Marissa Navarra said the other day that "Kate is huge about her recovery," and she is so right.

From recovery runs, to compression boots, chocolate milk, stretching, ice baths, and hydration, I have developed habits that made recovery part of my training. Being a senior, and going into college soon I can't wait to be a part of an environment that everyone recovers as hard as they train. I also can't wait to learn new, and more effective ways to do it with the resources available at the college level.

So if you haven't guessed by now, today was a recovery run on some soft surfaces, along with some strides. Today was also a PT day! Keeping in mind it was my recovery day, but also that I needed to get some work in, they ramped up certain parts of my training plan, and then allowed me to range how much I felt I could do on other parts. 

Thursday, September 1: 6 miles

Tempo Thursday! Today was the last workout of the week so we made it a good one. I had to go to this one solo today, due to a flight I had out later that day that conflicted with my practice time.

The workout was pretty average.

I tried to aim at around 6:00 pace. I got excited and went a little faster than that for my first couple, but was able to stay on pace for the other ones. The workout ended up being a mile warm up with 4xMile tempos, and a mile cool down. I tried to focus on that third mile, so I can execute a solid third mile in a race. 

Friday, September 2: 7.5 miles

Today was full of a lot of fun things! I got to experience another official visit with some amazing girls, and coaching staff. I also got to run with JoJo, one of my good friends, who was on the official with me. We did an easy run on some trails the coach showed us, since we had a workout the next day. We also added in some striders at the end. Later that day, I got to go to a soccer game with the team. Overall it was a great day with a lot of cool people!

Saturday, September 3: 8.5 miles

I got to run with the team today. These official visits are so cool to get to learn about each program. I love getting to run with the girls, so nice to just get to know the program through their eyes while doing the thing you all love.

The workout went great with a 15-minute warm up, then going into a 36-minute progression run with a mile cool down/shake out. I honestly have never done a progression run before so it really helped to have JoJo there to pull me through it, and show me the ropes. We tried to get down to around tempo pace. At the end of the run we got to have donuts with this adorable running group they have close by! We ended the night with a football game, hanging out with the team, and some amazing eats!

Sunday, September 4: 1 mile shake out in the water

Today my sister Gabby looked after me as I did my shake out in the lake just to get the legs moving. This may be the last time I get to run in the lake this year since New York weather has been slowly taking a turn. However, ended the night with the usual bonfire!

- - -

Total Mileage: 48 miles 

This is the third of several training blogs written by various athletes as the 2022 cross country season begins to ramp up. Check out our training blog series page for more content.