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VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- The most prolific indoor invitational in the United States is here, and it should be another electric year of action. 

With over 2,000 athletes registered to compete in this year's installment, The VA Showcase will play witness to some of the country's top performances of the indoor campaign. 

MileSplit has been previewing, diagnosing and explaining just what to expect over the last several weeks. Check out pre-meet content and information below. 


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From Meet Director Nolan Jez

With no major changes, we are getting back to our roots! That means moving our meet back to high school sanctioning (NFHS) and having some club races as a separate meet on the same weekend. 


Thursday, January 13th -- Shakeout And Warm-up Day

5:00pm-9:00pm: Track open for warmups, shakeouts, and practice

Friday, January 14th

8:00am: Packet pickup opens, DOORS WILL NOT OPEN EARLY

9:00am: Doors Open, facility open for teams and warmups

11:30am: Coaches Meeting Day 1

12:30pm: Boys & Girls Adidas Nationals 200m Dash Qualifier (Only 6 Sections)

1:00pm: Girls 55m Hurdle Prelims (Top 8 Advance to 60mH Final)

1:05pm: Girls 1600m Run

1:45pm: Boys 55m Hurdle Prelims (Top 8 Advance to 60mH Final)

2:30pm: Boys 1600m Run

2:30pm: Girls 55m Dash Prelims (Top 8 Advance to 60m Dash Final)

3:30pm: Boys 55m Dash Prelims (Top 8 Advance to 60m Dash Final)


Begin Invitational Events


4:30pm: Girls Invitational 1000m (USATF MEET)

4:40pm: Championship Girls 4x400m Relay (1 Section)

4:50pm: Championship Boys 4x400m Relay (1 Section)

5:00pm: Girls Invitational Distance Medley Relay (1 Section)

5:20pm: Boys Invitational Distance Medley Relay (1 Section)

5:35pm: Girls Invitational Mile (Top 3 Sections)

6:05pm: Boys Invitational Mile (Top 3 Sections)

6:25pm: Girls Invitational 300m Dash (Top 5 Sections)

6:35pm: Boys Invitational 300m Dash (Top 5 Sections)

6:45pm: Combined Boys & Girls 1 Mile Race Walk

7:00pm: Girls USATF 300m Dash (USATF MEET)

7:05pm: Invitational Sprint Event (USATF MEET)

7:10pm: Fastest Kid In The USA, 10 & Under 200m Dash (USATF MEET)


Begin Rolling Schedule


7:15pm: Girls 300m Dash (Top 5 Sections w/blocks)

8:05pm: Boys 300m Dash (Top 5 Sections w/blocks)


Friday January 14th Field Events

12:30pm: Girls Triple Jump (Both pits), Boys Shot Put, Girls Pole Vault (Both pits if necessary)

4:00pm: Girls Invitational Triple Jump (front pit)

5:00pm: Girls Invitational High Jump, Boys Invitational High Jump

6:00pm: Boys Invitational Long Jump (front pit)

6:30pm: Girls Invitational Pole Vault, Boys Invitational Shot Put

7:00pm: Girls High Jump (Two Pits), Boys Long Jump (both pits)





Saturday, January 15th

7:00am: Facility Opens & Track Opens For Warmups

8:00am: Girls Unseeded 3200m Run (Fastest Section First)

9:00am: Boys Unseeded 3200m Run (Fastest Section First)

10:30am: Girls 4x800m Relay (Fastest Section Last)

11:15am: Boys 4x800m Relay (Fastest Section Last)


Opening Ceremony, National Anthem, & Begin Invitational Events


12:00pm: Invitational Distance Event (USATF MEET)

12:15pm: Invitational Sprint Event (USATF MEET)

12:20pm: Girls Invitational Sprint Medley Relay (Two Sections)

12:30pm: Boys Invitational Sprint Medley Relay (Two Sections)

12:40pm: Girls 60m Hurdle Final

12:45pm: Boys 60m Hurdle Final

12:50pm: Girls 60m Dash Final

12:55pm: Boys 60m Dash Final

1:00pm: Special Olympics 60m Dash (USATF MEET)

1:05pm: Girls Invitational Two Mile (One Section)

1:20pm: Boys Invitational Two Mile (One Section)

1:35pm: Girls Invitational 4x200m Relay (Top 4 Sections)

1:50pm: Boys Invitational 4x200m Relay (Top 4 Sections)

2:05pm: Girls Invitational 1000m Run (One Section)

2:10pm: Boys Invitational 1000m Run (One Section)

2:15pm: Girls Invitational 500m Dash (Top 5 Sections)

2:30pm: Boys Invitational 500m Dash (Top 5 Sections)

2:45pm: Championship Mixed 4x400m Relay (One Section)

2:50pm: Invitational Event (USATF MEET)


Begin Rolling Schedule


2:55pm: Girls 4x200m Relay

3:30pm: Boys 4x200m Relay

4:05pm: Girls 1000m Run

5:05pm: Boys 1000m Run

6:05pm: Girls 500m Dash

7:00pm: Boys 500m Dash

8:00pm: Girls 4x400m Relay (All but top section)

8:30pm: Boys 4x400m Relay (All but top section)

9:00pm: Mixed 4x400m Relay (All but top section)




Saturday, January 15th Field Events

9:00am: Boys High Jump (Two Pits), Girls Shot Put, Boys Pole Vault (Both Pits If Necessary), Boys Triple Jump (Both Pits) **PLEASE NOTE THE EVENT WILL BEGIN AT THIS TIME AND WARMUPS WILL BE FINISHED

1:00pm: Boys Invitational Triple Jump (front pit), Boys Invitational Pole Vault

1:30pm Girls Invitational Shot Put (potentially infield)

3:00pm: Girls Invitational Long Jump (front pit)

4:00pm: Girls Long Jump (Both Pits)





Rolling Schedule All Day

8:00am: Doors Open

9:30am: 200m Dash (Old To Young)

12:00pm: 1500m Run (Old To Young)

12:30pm: 60m Hurdle Finals (Young to Old)

1:00pm: 4x800m Relay (Old To Young)

1:15pm: 60m Dash Finals (Old To Young)

2:30pm: 3000m Run (Old To Young)

3:30pm: 4x200m Relay (Old To Young)

4:15pm: 400m Dash (Old to Young)

6:45pm: 800m Run (Old To Young)

8:00pm: 4x400m Relays (Old To Young)-



Sunday, January 16th Field Events (ALL USATF CLUB MEET)

All field events are youngest to oldest


Field Events begin at 10am


Boys Long Jump and Girls Long Jump followed by Triple Jumps

Girls Shot Put followed by Boys Shot Put

Girls High Jump (OnePit) --- Boys to Follow after 2pm (One Pit)

Girls Pole Vault (One Pit), followed by Boys Pole Vault (One Pit)


Special Notes: We will have F.A.T. cameras at the 1500/1600/3000/3200 marks and Mile/2 Mile finish for the invitational sections of the Mile/Two Mile. For certain invitational events we will have en route F.A.T. splits as well.Sanctioning

This sanction has been approved for: VA, MD, DC, NC, OH, TX, FL, PA, RI, MA, NJ, NY, GA, DE and CT. We are waiting to hear back from AL, KY and TN. We expect to be sanctioned by all of them but will update this list as they approve or deny the sanction.

    Illinois is currently denied sanctioning. New Hampshire is not having a sanctioned season and thus public schools will not be sanctioned this year.

    Invitational Events: These events include everything except the 4x800 which will be run right before the start of Saturday's Invitational events. Normal timed finals that are run fast-to-slow. Invitational events will be the top 10-15 or top flight of athletes entered into each event. These events will be run off at the exact time listed on the time schedule. In events where there are multiple sections the event will run slow-to-fast and in distance races have the top seed on the far outside. We release the invitational entries immediately following the closing of registration. In the 4x200 and 300 we will be running lanes 3-6. Seeding for lanes will be done by meet management and based on a combination of current season bests and realistic predictions of what someone could run if they do not have a time. Preference of lanes for lane races on the oval are 5-4-6-3-2-1.