Meet Of The Week: Justin Braun Is 'Feeling Fast & Powerful'

* Justin Braun shares some insight on what to look for at this year's VA Showcase

- - -

On the latest episode of For The Record, Justin Braun shares his goals for the VA Showcase and reflects on his performances from this meet last year. This season, Braun has been focusing on his block starts and speed. For this weekend, he's looking to make history and break personal bests along the way. 

Interview Segments:

  • Braun's memorable moment from last year's VA Showcase (:39)
  • What was the decision behind not defending his 500m title this year (1:14)
  • His thoughts on the 400m (2:01)
  • How the VA Showcase boosted his confidence for the season (2:24)
  • How his challenges are helping him to be a better athlete (3:18)
  • His experience in the 300m last year (3:52)
  • His thoughts on the odd distances for the indoor season and how it helps him progress in his specialty races (4:48)
  • His goals for this year's VA Showcase (6:00)
  • Going after the Ohio all-time record in the 60m of 6.72 (6:47)
  • His improvement when it comes to the blocks (7:51)
  • How much time he spends on his block starts throughout the week (9:38)
  • What he's striving for in the 200m (10:56)
  • What did he learn about himself last year (11:29)
  • Sydney McLaughlin's form (12:07)
  • His predictions on the times he will execute this weekend (12:46)
  • His feelings going into the 300m (13:34)

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