Kaila Jackson's Insight On Record-Breaking Performances

The 2021 AAU Junior Olympic Games had just over 30 national meet records broken this year.

Three of them came from Detroit Renaissance's (MI) Kaila Jackson.

Jackson's first record that went down was the 100m when she clocked an 11.51. The following day in the 200m, she blasted out of her blocks, held her form, and crossed the finish line in 23.01.

Her performance was the fastest 200m of the 2021 season.

Jackson also ran the second leg of Track Life University's 4x100m which ran the fastest time in history at the AAU Junior Olympic Games for the 17-18 age group. 

In this week's telestration, Jackson analyzed stride for stride how she broke the records in the 100m and 200m. 

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