For The Record: What Gavin Sherry Learned This Past Year

"I always say, 'I want to push my limits.' And that day I found them.' What do you do when you find your limits? You try to extend those limits. -- Gavin Sherry

On the latest For The Record interview,  Cory chatted with Conard (CT) High School senior Gavin Sherry, who's preparing for his final cross country season with big ambitions.

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Interview Segments:

  • Gavin reflects on his offseason and what he's looking forward to this fall [0:30]
  • Important moments from this last outdoor season [1:30]
  • Gavin on moving past perceived limits [3:50]
  • Gavin defines positive mentality [6:45]
  • Gavin talks his state record 1,600m [9:02]
  • Gavin's ambitions for the fall on a wider level [13:15]
  • Talking fall racing and what opportunities are out there [16:30]
  • Gavin talks build-up and what his training looks like [17:30]
  • What it means to have expectations and pressure [19:30]
  • On recruiting [21:10]
  • Favorite moment of his career so far [23:00]

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