Training Blog: Ventura's Sadie Engelhardt

Sadie Engelhardt has been a standout youth athlete from California for the last several years. This past June she broke the 14-year-old age group world record in the mile, clocking a time of 4:40.16 at the RunningLane Track Championships and surpassing a mark that was last set by Mary Decker in 1973. During the indoor season, she finished seventh at the adidas Indoor Nationals in the mile with a 4:51.94 personal best. As Engelhardt begins her first high school season, she's already one of the country's most well-known athletes. This is the first of four blogs in the series of training journals Engelhardt will write for MileSplit this fall. 

Week 1 - Week 2 - Week 3 - Week 4

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Week 1 (August 1 - August 7)

Sunday, August 1: 5.70 miles -- Mammoth Lakes 

Sunday was our second full day in Mammoth. For the workout, we went to the Green Church track and did 1K repeats.  We did hip openers, core, a 1-mile warm-up and drills. Before every workout we do, we do a series of strides. These strides consist of (4x 100m @ 5k and mile pace, 1x 300m @1600m race pace, 2x 150m @ 800m race pace). After the strides, we have four minutes to recover and then we get right into the workout. The workout was 4x 1K with 45 seconds of jogging to recover. It felt good to get a workout in on the track but it was also difficult because of the altitude. After the 1Ks, we did 1-mile cool down and went to a really cold creek to soak our legs. The full mileage of Sunday was around 5.70 miles.

Monday, August 2: 4 miles -- Green Church Track 

Monday was a recovery day. We went to the same place as the Green Church track but instead of running on the track, we ran along the long road that it was on. We did an out and back run (two miles out, two miles back) at an easy pace. It ended up being four miles at a 7:36 pace. We had a time trial the next day so we needed to make sure our legs recovered and felt good.

Tuesday, August 3: 5.10 miles -- Lake Mary 

On Tuesday, we had a 2.20-mile time trial around Lake Mary. This route has a good amount of rolling hills and is at about 9,000 feet of elevation. We warmed up on the course, did drills and then did a couple strides. My legs felt really good but my breathing was pretty labored due to the elevation. The overall mileage from Tuesday was 5.1 miles.

Wednesday, August 4: 2.50 miles -- Mammoth Lakes

Wednesday was our last day in Mammoth. We did a recovery run that we call "ridge run." It is basically 2.50 miles uphill and then a nice long down hill on the way back. We ended our trip with some donuts and sandwiches and then got on the road back to Ventura.

Thursday, August 5: Rest day

I did core and got some good rest in.

Friday, August 6: 4 miles -- Ventura High School 

We did one mile, 10x 100m strides at mile pace with active recovery, and then another half mile. This day was mainly to shake out our legs.

Saturday, August 7: 8 miles -- Ventura High School

To finish off the week, we did a long run. I did negative splits for 8 miles at a 7:44 pace starting from 8:20 to 7:15.


Total Mileage: 30 miles


Note: This is the first of what will be several training blogs ahead of the cross country season. Stay tuned for more coverage of more boys and girls athletes heading into the 2021 season.