Connor Washington's Preamble To Texas State Was Special

* Connor Washington's 100m performance at the UIL Class 6A Region 2 meet this weekend


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Maybe it was so long ago, two years ago nearly, that many forget. 

But when the 2019 track and field season ended, Connor Washington was one of the most promising underclassmen in his class, if not the shining example. 

He finished his sophomore campaign No. 1 in the 100m and No. 1 in the 200m for the Class of 2021.

But maybe the long- and hard-truth of the last year and a half put space in between those moments. 

We had only seen a few bright spots here and there since then, mostly from this past indoor season. We tracked his performance this past winter in fact, and then saw some really good things as he finished off with special performance.

Finally, this weekend, Washington came back into our orbit. 

The Woodlands College Park senior absolutely steamrolled through the UIL Class 6A Region 2 meet, securing dominant performances of 10.20 (+2.3) and 20.46 (+4.0) in the 100m and 200m, respectively. 

He finished off his run in the 4x400, helping Woodlands College Park secure placement to the UIL State Track and Field Championships a 47.5-second anchor split, helping the program to a US No. 1 time of 3:13.74. 

Just how dominant was his weekend? 

* Washington's 200m performance at the UIL Class 6A Region 2 meet

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No Texan has run a wind-legal 100m performance faster than 10.44 this season.

And while Washington's performance was a hair over the allowable wind-reading, it doesn't take rocket science to determine he's pretty much right where that time indicates. His all conditions time is No. 22 in our database, all-time. 

If all goes well, Washington has a chance to break 10.3 in the 100m at state. Only 15 Texans inside our MileSplit database since 2000 have achieved that feat. 

A special barrier also got crossed in the 200m.

Washington crossed 21 seconds for the first time his career.

Now, the wind was outrageous (+4.0), and Washington certainly benefited from a tailwind, but it's also not crazy to think he has an opportunity to go after that mark again. Only 42 Texans have ever broken 21 seconds wind-legal. 

His all-conditions time was No. 8 in Texas history

Currently only two athletes in the United States have broken 21 seconds legally at the distance -- and both are from Florida.

* The Woodlands College Park in the 4x400m at the UIL Class 6A Region 2 Meet

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