MileSplit Registration Can Ensure Coronavirus Compliance

In recent weeks, state athletic associations across the country have, or are currently making, calls on the upcoming 2020 cross-country season in regards to COVID-19 safety protocols.

As many as seven states have decided to delay their fall seasons by a few weeks, while a few others have opted to postpone cross country until the winter. In some cases, states have decided to proceed with their seasons, but individual meet cancellations have thinned out the overall schedule.

The reality of the situation is, regardless of the state, meet directors, timers and coaches are entering a fall season where flexibility and adaptability is going to be key. 

With the uptake in schedule changes, the addition of health waivers, and mandated reduction on the size of many meets, MileSplit Registration tools can help you [meet directors, meet hosts, and timers] stay "Coronavirus compliant."

PDF Waiver Feature

Many school districts and state associations will begin to require all participants and spectators to fill out health waivers upon entering the meet to ensure liability safety for the host.

Our platform allows you to easily attach those materials. 

While in Meet Manager, click on Meet Information and click the paper clip icon to embed health waivers to attach it to your meet page. 

Meet Manager: Meet Information and PDF Uploads How-To

Invite Teams Feature

MileSplit Meet Manager gives meet directors, meet hosts, and timers theability to invite specific teams to their event

Instead of having a first come, first serve event with strict regulations on the amount of participants, the invite teams feature in Meet Manager will send the coaches of all invited teams an email instructing them that they have been invited and how to register for the meet. 

This feature then ensures events can be compliant with a strict participant cap, while maintaining elite-level quality competition. 

Meet Manager: Inviting Teams How-To

Password Feature

Similarly to the Invite Teams Feature, MileSplit Meet Manager gives meet directors, meet hosts and timers the ability to have a password protected registration system. 

If you are a meet director, meet host or timer who prefers to have interested participants email you for the registration password, this would be a great option for your event this season. The registration password feature allows you to remain compliant with a strict participant cap, but also maintain the control on who can and will register for your meet. 

Meet Manager: Registration Password Locking

Changing Dates

If you are in a state where dates are either being pushed back a month or several, MileSplit's Meet Manager allows you to easily change the date of your event and send an update email to teams that have already registered for it. 

This way, you can keep your meet page up-to-date and attendees can stay informed on the state of your meet.

Waiver, Invite, and Session by Session Meets locked by a password work to keep out teams that are in a different session and can help you as the Meet Host to remain "Coronavirus compliant" throughout this unprecedented time.


If you have any questions on how to use any of these features, or in keeping your meets compliant with state association and school district regulations, please contact Alonso Rodriguez, MileSplit's Senior Manager of Data and Registration, at