We Stand With You

The events of the last week have been tremendously painful to us all.

The murder of George Floyd was appalling and our hearts break for his family.

To our friends and families in the FloSports community we want you to know, no matter your race -- you are valued,  you are seen, you are heard. We are with you.

In these difficult times, it is more important than ever that we stand together -- as friends & families, as athletes & coaches, as one community & as one nation.

There is no stronger bond than those formed with your brothers & sisters in sports.

We are best when we share a common purpose and live as one team.

FloSports is committed to equality and the fair treatment of every citizen of this country.

We will not accept prejudice in our community and will use our platform to celebrate Black athletes and coaches to amplify their stories, their lives, and their experiences.

We will continue to listen to each other and look inward to improve our own culture.

In our commitment to be part of the solution, FloSports will be donating to rebuild communities that have been broken by these tragic events. More to come.