On The Line, Episode 3: Ankeny's Tim Sindt

On Episode 3 of MileSplit's On The Line podcast, Cory Mull chats with Ankeny (IA) High School senior Tim Sindt on his national-caliber season, the adversity he's battled over the past year and what his aspirations are as he finishes out his high school cross country career at the Iowa state championships in Fort Dodge on Saturday. 

Sindt is going for his second straight state title in Iowa, but that might be where it ends, as the senior has never raced at a national regional and is still considering his plan after Saturday. What's guiding the Iowa athlete in this final weeks of cross country? Learn all about it our latest On The Line podcast. 

Run Of Show: 
  • Catching up with Tim Sindt [2:05]
  • Talking the sub-15 from earlier this month: [2:30]
  • Ready for state and his last XC championship [3:20]
  • A word association game to start off with [3:45]
  • Do Iowa athletes get the credit they deserve nationally? [5:40]
  • What has this season said to you about yourself? [7:15]
  • What's been your favorite moment this season? [8:00]
  • The season plan on attacking a course in a big way [9:30]
  • His plan for NXR Heartland this year [11:15]
  • Discussing Sindt's heart condition and his diagnosis [12:00]
  • Describing heart surgery and the feelings surrounding it [13:30]
  • The options around surgery [14:50]
  • Overcoming heart surgery [15:30]
  • Did you learn a lot more about your condition after enduring it [16:30]
  • Day to day management of your heart [17:20]
  • How do you feel about being identified as someone who overcame heart surgery [18:35]
  • Explaining the red wristband Tim wears during races [19:40]
  • Have your experiences made you stronger or changed you [21:25]
  • More serious now or humorous? [22:00]
  • How would your teammates characterize you? [22:18]
  • Explaining leadership over the senior season [23:35]
  • What running means to Tim [24:20]
  • Tim's favorite workout [24:55]
  • Why rest days are so important [26:31]
  • What's the next closest thing that motivates you that's not running [29:05]
  • What's your favorite running movie character and who would you have played [30:20]
  • College recruiting process [31:30]
  • Why have you picked these three colleges as your final picks [32:33]
  • Can you describe your spring track season [34:10]
  • What did the faith college coaches have in you tell you about yourself [36:50]
  • What benchmark times do you want to accomplish? [38:00]
  • Running an outdoor 5K? [38:50]
  • How do you prepare for an XC race [39:15]
  • Tim's aspirations in his final XC race at state in Iowa [42:00]