The Scoop: 16 Boys Break 9 Minutes At Arcadia

The race was as competitive as we expected it to be. 

And over the course of eight laps, we saw some major moves that changed the position of where it went from moment to moment. 

In the end, it was a race to the finish between Canadian Marcus Kemp of Stockton St. Mary's and Broomfield (CO) High's Michael Mooney, with Kemp taking the overall title in 8:50.95. 

Mooney was second in 8:50.96 while 14 others broke nine minutes, including third-place James Mwaura in 8:51.62, fourth-place Jacob McLeod in 8:52.72, and fifth-place Liam Anderson in 8:52.74. 

Roughly two laps in, Mwaura began to push the parameters of those in the field, pushing the pace as the contingent ran to a conservative start. He was in lead through 1600m, going through in approximately 4:28. 

By then, however, things started to get interesting. Lyons Township (IL) High's Danny Kilrea started to make his move toward the front, and then it was Arlington (MA) High's Ryan Oosting and with 800 meters to go, most of the field just tried to keep up. 

With 450 meters to go, Homestead (WI) High's Drew Bosley, who had opened his season with a few smaller meets in Wisconsin before heading to this primetime meet in California, had made up an incredible amount of space and had finally made his big move, taking the lead with 400 meters to go. 

But as he stretched out so did the field, and the kicks started coming. Kemp and Mooney were in position the entire way, and making the last turn, it was all daylight for the both of them as they raced home. 

Kemp leaned Mooney at the line in a photo finish. 

1Marcus Kemp12St. Mary's Stockton (SJ)8:50.951
2Michael Mooney12Broomfield High School8:50.961
3James Mwaura12Lincoln Senior High School8:51.621
4Jacob McLeod12Trinity Christian School Dublin8:52.721
5Liam Anderson11Redwood High School (NC)8:52.741
6Ryan Oosting11Arlington High School8:53.421
7Carter Cheeseman11Fort Worth Christian8:54.061
8Ryan Raff12Lehi8:54.651
9Michael Phillips12Chiles HS8:55.531
10Danny Kilrea12Lyons Township High School8:56.841
11Brandon Garnica12Springville8:57.251
12John Bennett12Granada High (NC)8:57.331
13Grant Gardner11Springville8:58.141
14Charles Hicks11Bolles HS8:58.781
15Joe Waskom11Mount Si High School8:58.871
16Drew Bosley11Homestead High School (CC)8:59.041
17Matt Strangio10Jesuit9:00.201
18Clayton Mendez12Whitney Young High School9:00.761
19John Tatter12R.J. Reynolds9:02.221
20Collin Ullrich12Liberty Ranch (SJ)9:02.731
21Ben Perrin11Flathead High School9:04.561
22Aidan Troutner12Timpview9:05.381
23Dylan Jacobs12Sandburg High School9:06.751
24Zachary Kinne11Neuqua Valley High School9:09.661
25Trevor Woodward12Centennial Corona (SS)9:16.021
26Justin Hazell12El Camino Real Senior High (LA)9:17.541
27Logan Hall12Arthur High School9:21.881
28Raymon Ornelas12Eleanor Roosevelt (SS)9:22.571
29Jacob Gebhardt12Sterling High School9:24.001
30Hunter Appleton11Brother Martin9:25.501
31Jensen Lambert12Cedar High School9:30.101
32Marcus Mota11Stockdale High School (CS)9:38.361