Who's #1: Historic Comparison Shows Southeast Set For Dramatic Season

This week's best individual performances around the US highlights a new #1 speed rating. Our deep dive brings up a lot of potential drama in the Southeast region and comparisons to past teams indicate that we could see some big upsets at the national level. 

Speed Round:

- Brie Oakley | Lauren Gregory | Talon Hull | Garrett Barton

In short, a speed rating is a number attributed to an XC performance, roughly one point per three seconds, adjusted for overall race quality and depth. Using these numbers, we can compare apples to apples, in terms of XC performances.

Deep Dive:

- How does Brentwood compare to their 2013 podium team?

- Which boys squads have the best chance to qualify? 

- How does a team needs to be built to succeed on the NXN SE course?  

- Are Loudoun Valley contenders in the Southeast?

- How will loss of head coach impact Blacksburg?

- Kate Murphy: NXN or Foot Locker?

Who's #1 Topic Links:

Full Video Chat with Brandon Miles

Conversation Topics:

00:00 - Bubble teams on the girls side & Florida sleeper picks

01:15 - Impact of quality coaches on a program's success

03:45 - Which team could finish 3rd & have legit chance at a wild card selection?

06:20 - How FL region conflicts impact elite individuals on good teams

07:45 - Rising lesser known girls with chance to qualify for Foot Locker

09:30 - Factors that influence decision making between NXN and Foot Locker

10:30 - How did Weini Kelati impact XC and were there any lasting impacts on the SE? 

13:50 - Should Foot Locker have an at large bid for conflicting regionals? Would that even be a good thing? 

17:00 - As a fan, most exciting things to watch in South/Southeast region