Who's #1: Explaining Speed Ratings & Best Rated Teams

This week is all about speed ratings. What are they, what do they mean, and which teams have have been earning the best rated performances this season? All this and more discussed in the latest edition of Who's #1. Tune in for the extended interview below to get a complete explanation of where the speed rating numbers come from. 

Speed Round:

- Curtis Eckstein | Grant Gardner | Carmel Girls | Great Oak Girls

In short, a speed rating is a number attributed to an XC performance, roughly one point per three seconds, adjusted for overall race quality and depth. Using these numbers, we can compare apples to apples, in terms of XC performances.

Deep Dive: Kyle Brazeil - MileSplit NY

- Which teams are legitimate NXN contenders?
- What speed ratings do teams need to be considered top 10-15?
- Surprising teams to rise in the speed ratings this season
*At the end Kyle mentions Desert Vista boys and meant Mountain Vista*

Who's #1 Topic Links

Extended Interview with Kyle Brazeil

00:00 - What are speed ratings?
01:35 - Why do speed ratings change on the same course year to year?
02:45 - What American Fork's speed ratings indicate for NXR vs NXN potential.
04:15 - Based on speed ratings, how good are the Carmel girls? Comparison to 2013 Wayzata.
05:45 - Lack of power teams in New York
06:40 - Nationwide slump in quality boys teams vs increased depth for girls.
07:25 - Fewer elite individuals on girls teams, what does this mean for NXN?
08:45 - Why do we need to pay attention to speed ratings?

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