Saucony Flo50 Summer Training Blog: Rachel McArthur

Summer Training, Week 7: August 10th to August 16th

Rachel McArthur presented as the cover girl for the new edition of the RunWashington magazine at the RunWashington Pre-Season XC Team pep rally on Sunday, August 16

Monday: I did a tempo run today with a friend. It was a 5 mile run and we ran at 7:10 mile pace. We ran on a paved trail most of the time and I felt very good on this run.

Tuesday: I couldn't make it to practice today so I ran for 45 minutes at 7:30 pace. I ran around my neighborhood alone and I felt good, but it was really hot out. I did circuits on my own afterwards(lots of core and arm strengthening).

Wednesday: We had a morning workout at Nokesville Park (formally one of our race courses). The workout was repeat 800s and I ran with the top 3 varsity on the boys team for this. I felt very strong during this workout and we all did circuits together afterwards.

In state Virginia rivals Kate Murphy and Rachel McArthur put on the gloves at the RunWashington pre-season XC team pep rally

Thursday: The team and I met up for an evening run today, at Patriot High School. We ran for 30 minutes on campus and afterwards played a team game(which I won:-) No circuits today with the team, so I went home and did them on my own.

Friday: Light tempo run in the morning at 7:30 pace (ran with the girls team). Abs workout afterwards for 15 minutes.

Saturday: We don't have weekend practices, so I ran on my own for 30 minutes around my neighborhood at 7:45 pace. Afterwards, did some arm strengthening exercises. Felt good on this run and I'm starting to get a lot more used to the heat.

Sunday: Usually don't run on Sundays so I biked 6 miles around my neighborhood, which includes a lot of hills, had the DCXC meeting that afternoon and got to be featured on the front cover of the Run Washington Magazine.

Jr Casey Kendall of Oakton, VA with McArthur at the RunWashington pre-season XC team pep rally

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