Saucony Flo50 Summer Training Blog: Rachel McArthur

Summer Training, Week 6: August 3rd to August 9th

School cross country has officially begun, it started on Monday, August 3rd. I am now doing most of my runs with my team, except for on weekends when we do not have team practice.

Monday: This was the first time the entire team got together for our first official practice. We ran as a team for 45 minutes at 8 minute pace around Patriot High School. Afterwards, we did team circuits.

Tuesday: Today, we did a workout in the evening at our local running grounds, Bristoe Station which is a gravel course with multiple small hills. This was a speed workout. I felt very good during this workout and am starting to feel much stronger. It was also my birthday today and I got a GPS watch so now I'm able to track my pace and distance more accurately on my runs.

Wednesday: My team met up at Bristoe Station to preview the two-mile loop which serves as our time trial course. I ran with some of the new members to help them get used to the race course. After, we all did team-circuits, which included planks, push-ups (which are the hardest for me lol), curl-ups, and many more core exercises.

Thursday: Today we had the time trial for the school team. Its only a two-mile loop which circles the whole battlefield. Our team warmed up together and then we all raced. I ran my two mile in 11 minutes and 45 seconds, which is 20 seconds faster than how I did last year. I got 1st and when I finished, ran back to help my little sister Emily. The weather was really nice today and I felt very strong, so I started out very fast going almost sub-5 mile pace for the first 800 meters, then I slowed down a lot and did striders as I finished. Milestat also came out and recorded our time trial/interview with Emily and I, and my mom (Lisa McArthur) took photos.

Friday: The boys and girls team met up at Patriot High School in the afternoon and we discussed the trials. Then, we split into groups and ran a maintenance run around the school for about 50 minutes. Afterwards, we did core exercises as a team. After practice, we all played ultimate frisbee.

Saturday: Since we have no team practice on Saturday, I ran on my own in the morning, around my neighborhood at 7:20 pace for 40 minutes. My shins were hurting a little on this run, from my past injury, because I was running on pavement the whole time. Otherwise, I felt good on my run and did strides when I got home, up and down my street.

Sunday: I have been taking one day off a week, but since I'm getting back into the season now, I ran for 20 minutes today in the morning on a slow recovery run at 8 minute pace, since recovery is very important after a hard week.

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