Saucony Flo50 Summer Training Blog: Rachel McArthur

Summer Training, Week 8: August 17th to August 23rd

I have one more week of summer training until school starts on the 31st. I am feeling much stronger already this season and I'm working a lot harder than last year.

Monday: Today, I ran in the morning with my team at Bristoe Station. We had a light workout (An interval workout) and then we did core work. I felt very good for this. Tonight, I also was invited to Glory Days as a celebration for winning the Glory Days Invitational race last year.

Tuesday: My team and I had evening practice at 8. We ran together at about 8 minute pace and ran for 40 minutes total. It was an easy run and I felt really good, especially since the weather was nice in the morning.

Wednesday: Wednesday workout day; we had a quick tempo run. I usually run alone so I went at 7:15 pace today. Team circuits afterwards (curl-ups, push-ups, planks etc.)

Thursday: Thursdays are easy days so our team got together and ran for 40 minutes. We ran at Victory Lakes elementary and the course is mostly dirt but there's also sections of pavement and gravel. Went about 8 minute pace.

Friday: Light workout, repeat 800s. I ran with the boys for this workout so it was pretty difficult. We ran at Nokesville park which is a former race course. I like the course a lot and I ran the 800s 2:45 pace but it was hard to stick with the lead boys because of the path footing.

Saturday: There isn't a team practice on Saturday, so my mom, sister and I went to Bull Run park to check out the course for our teams first race on Thursday. I ran 4 miles at 7:45 pace, around the race course. I felt good on this course, mostly because I've raced here so often and know exactly how every part of the course goes.

Sunday: I was busy all day today so I ran only about 20 minutes in the morning around 8 am. Ran around my neighborhood; which is not ideal because it is all concrete but I ran at about 8 minute pace. I already am feeling much stronger this season.

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