Saucony Elite 50 Individual Girls Rankings Week 12

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Caroline Alcorta (VA) ripped up the McAlpine Park course to the tune of 16:55! (Photo by Mary Ann Magnant)

Saucony Elite 50 Individual Girls | Week 12

*Editor's Note: The Saucony Elite 50 refers to the top-50 individuals in the country (25 boys and 25 girls).

It's the final week for the girls individual rankings as we contest the first of two national championships this weekend with the Nike Cross Nationals.  The Foot Locker West Regional is this weekend as well with the Foot Locker Nationals the following weekend.

The California State Championships were a memorable and stunning state championship finale with many favorites winning big.  Sarah Baxter won her 4th straight state title and almost took down her own meet record with a time of 16:43.  Fiona O'Keeffe finished won the Division 1 race with a great 16:59 clocking.  Marissa Williams was 2nd in 17:04 and Destiny Collins 3rd in 17:09.  In Division 3 Bethan Knights won with a time of 17:08 and in Division 4 Anna Maxwell won in 17:08.  

In the NXN Southeast Regional Nora McUmber (MD) rolled to the win with a time of 17:34.3.  In the NXN Northeast Regional Courtney Smith (PA) dominated with a winning 17:58.9 clocking.  Abbie McNulty (MA) was 2nd in 18:03.5 and Autumn Eastman (VT) was 3rd in 18:27.6.  In the NXN New York Regional Annika Avery (NY) ran away with the title in a time of 18:05.3.  

Foot Locker held three of its four regionals this weekend as well.  In the Northeast Tessa Barrett (PA) won with a very quick 17:33 clocking.  Anoush Shehadeh (NY) finished 2nd in 17:37 and Hannah DeBalsi (CT) was 3rd in 17:39.  The rest of the qualifiers include Brianna Schwartz (PA) in 17:43, Briana Gess (NJ) in 17:43, Megan Reilly (NY) in 17:50, Jessica Lawson (NY) in 18:03, Regan Rome (PA) in 18:03, Katie Lembo (NY) in 18:04, and Kirsten Sandreuter (ME) in 18:06. 

In the South Caroline Alcorta (VA) won the girls championship in a big way with a time of 16:55.  Amelia Paladino (WV) finished 2nd in 17:04 and Natalie Rathjen (TX) rounded out the top-3 with a time of 17:06.  The remaining qualifiers were Gabriella Karas (KY) in 17:07, Hannah Christen (VA) in 17:15, Katie Kunc (VA) in 17:16, Devin Clark (TX) in 17:18, Kathryn Foreman (GA) in 17:19, Molly Breidenbaugh (VA) in 17:19, and Karen Xiang (FL) in 17:20.

In the Midwest Kelcy Welch (IN) got a big win in the girls race with a time of 17:34 over Stephanie Jenks (IA) in 17:39.  Rebekah Topham (IA) was 3rd in 17:45.  Rounding out the qualifiers were Taylor Werner (MO) in 17:46, Hannah Long (MO) in 17:46, Lauren Brasure (MI) in 17:47, Mailin Struck (IL) in 17:52, Kirsten Olling (MI) in 17:52, Rachel Nichwitz (IN) in 17:55, and Alex Buck (IN) in 18:04.

Rank Time Year Name School State
1 16:35 Jr. Alexa Efraimson Camas WA
2 15:57 3.0M Sr. Sarah Baxter Simi Valley CA
3 16:45 Sr. Elise Cranny Niwot CO
4 17:26 Sr. Tessa Barrett Abington Heights PA
5 16:47.20 So. Taylor Werner Ste. Genevieve MO
6 16:55 Sr.  Caroline Alcorta West Springfield VA
7 16:35.31 3.0M Jr.  Makena Morley Big Fork MT
8 17:15.80 So. Hannah DeBalsi Staples CT
9 16:56 3.0M Sr. Anna Maxwell San Lorenzo Valley CA
10 17:37 Jr. Anoush Shehadeh Mamaroneck NY
11 17:34 Sr. Kelcy Welch Carmel IN
12 16:53.30 3.0M Jr. Lucy Biles Herriman UT
13 16:57 So. Stephanie Jenks Linn-Mar IA
14 17:17.50 Jr. Hannah Long Eureka MO
15 17:42.80 Jr. Brianna Schwartz Shaler Area PA
16 16:54 3.0M So. Fiona O'Keeffe Davis CA
17 16:57 Fr. Briana Gess Haddonfield NJ
18 17:31.80 So. Katie Rainsberger Air Academy CO
19 16:39 3.0M Sr. Bethan Knights Northwood CA
20 16:45 3.0M Jr. Dani Jones Desert Vista AZ
21 16:47.8 Jr. Allie Ostrander Kenai Central AK
22 16:20 3.0M Jr. Marissa Williams Palisades Charter CA
23 16:46.2 3.0M Sr. Courtney Smith Unionville PA
24 17:08.70 Sr. Abbie McNulty Bishop Feehan MA
25 17:04 Sr. Amelia Paladino University WV
Watch List (Alphabetical Order): Malyka Abramson (IN); Annika Avery (NY); Mackenzie Barry (NJ); Safiya Belbina (TX); Audrey Belf (MI); Madie Boreman (TX); Lauren Brasure (MI); Molly Breidenbaugh (VA); Alex Buck (IN); Bella Burda (NY); Mackenzie Caldwell (IN); Hannah Christen (VA); Mady Clahane (PA); Devin Clark (TX); Destiny Collins (CA); Jordyn Colter (CO); Mary Grace Doggett (NC); Ella Donaghu (OR); Ann Marie Dunlap (TX); Autumn Eastman (VT); Sarah Feeny (UT); Clare Flanagan (MN); Kathryn Foreman (GA); Anna French (MN); Hannah Gindlesberger (OR); Lauren Gregory (CO); Bethany Hasz (MN); Megan Hasz (MN); Annie Heffernan (OH); Paige Hofstad (TX); Claire Howlett (CT); Gabriella Karas (KY); Jamie Kempfer (MO); Allie Klimkiewicz (VA); Katie Kunc (VA); Jessica Lawson (NY); Katie Lembo (NY); Nora McUmber (MD); Kayla Montgomery (NC); Rachel Nichwitz (IN); Josette Norris (NJ); Kirsten Olling (MI); Samantha Ortega (CA); Natalie Rathjen (TX); Regan Rome (PA); Megan Reilly (NY); Kirsten Sandreuter (ME); Alyssa Snyder (UT); Mailin Struck (IL); Rebekah Topham (IA); Sara Tsai (OR); Kennedy Weisner (PA); Kelcy Welch (IN); Karen Xiang (FL)