Foot Locker Nats Coverage HQ - Barrett Powers to Win, Fisher Wins Duel vs Dressel-IMPROVED RACE VIDS

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Race-Day Coverage


Girls Race Highlights:

Lucy Biles (UT) to front by quarter in 63-64 seconds. Tessa Barrett (PA) in 7th.

2:32 through 800 with Biles, Anna Maxwell (CA), Caroline Alcorta (VA) setting pace. Tessa Barrett (PA) was hanging with top group.  West was pushing the pace.

Crossing road first time, Barrett has moved toward front.

At 1200m, Makena Morley (MT) moves into position. Alcorta and Barrett a little back. Kelcey Welsh (IN) just behind Maxwell. All regional champs making sure they are at front.

5:20 mile

Ascending hill for the first time, Barrett moves to middle and is in three person group with Maxwell Biles and Welsh. The four have some separation at the top of the second uphill before turing toward Upas Hill. Just before downhill, Barrett takes lead.

At top of hill it was Welsh, Alcorta, Taylor Werner (MO) and Barrett.

At bottom, Barrett continues the push. Only answer is from Stephanie Jenks (IA) as they head past start line. The two pull away from Alcorta and and Werner in 3-4.

Heading for dog park, it's Barrett and Jenks. Alcorta in 3rd.

At two miles, 11:03. Heading toward pool, Hannah DeBalsi (CT) moves into 4th. Maxwell in 5th. Moving up is Anoush Shenadel (NY).

Heading downhill on second loop, Barrett moves again. Alcorta and DeBalsi closing.

Nearing hill again, Alcorta moves past Jenks.

Barrett powers up hill. DeBalsi moves onto Alcorta's shoulder and passes and narrows gap with heading for Upas. DeBalsi moves to Barrett's shoulder at bottom, but then Barrett separates again.

600m to go and Barrett pushes pace and increases gap again. Held lead for two miles. 16:42 for three miles.

Crest of hill Barrett powers to win in 17:16.  PA's first-ever Foot Locker Champ!


Boys Race Highlights

All together for a long time.

Patrick Sheehan (NC) leading up from park.

Aaron Templeton (TN) and Matthew Maton (OR) positioned at front.

800 in 2:19. Everybody still together. One-three second gap 1-40.

Grant Fisher (MI) at front as well as they cross street for first time. Seven-eight across.

Mile in 4:53.

On first climb, starts to open a bit.

Only five second gap 1-40 at top of Upas.

Maton and Fisher together at front of pack heading back to the road and halfway. Mickey Burke and Templeton in the pack as well - all regional champions.

Joe Hardy (WA) 10th in West, moves into contention just after half way point. Then takes lead heading for Dog Park. Pack closes as they start the uphill heading for the 2 mile. Blair Hurlock (CA) also in lead pack. Group down to ten. Maton lead, Hardy on his shoulder.

Two miles 9:53.

Elijah Armstrong (ID), Josef Holt-Andrews (ME) and Alex Ostberg (CT) in pack as well.  Hurlock pushes pace going by finish heading for back loop.

Fisher moves to front with Hurloch. Pack down to five or six. Three more within striking distance.

Jonathan Dressel (WA) moves up toward front at bottom of the big hill. Hurlock continues to lead. Bu Maton and Fisher are there as well.

Dressel moves to gap. Only Fisher is able to respond, closing toward top of Upas. Maton within a few meters of Fisher.

On Upas, Fisher flies by Dressel and takes lead.

With 600 to go, Dressel responds on uphill. Comes to Fisher's shoulder and some bumps.

200 to go and Dressell passes Fisher crossing the road. Fisher stays on shoulder, more bumping and goes buy  for the win.


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