Saucony Elite 50 Individual Boys Rankings Week 4

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Templeton and Sheehan made it a race at the Wendy's Invite and it revealed Sheehan as a contender this fall. (Photo by Doug Hague)

Saucony Elite 50 Individual Boys | Week 4

*Editor's Note: The Saucony Elite 50 refers to the top-50 individual in the country (25 boys and 25 girls)

Another crazy week with super-fast times being run at Great American and Wendy's Invitationals in NC.  Aaron Templeton (TN) won the Open division race at the Wendy's Invitational with a blazing 14:54 clocking, the fastest of the day, with Patrick Sheehan (NC) right on his heels the entire way to finish in 14:55.  Amazing stuff!  At Great American Ben Huffman (NC) used a late race surge to snag the win at the line in 14:59.20 with Brentwood, TN teammates Taylor Caldwell and Alec Thomas right there at 15:00.10 and 15:00.20! Louis Colson (VA), US#14 at the time, was 4th in 15:00.90.  The times are very impressive as last year Sean McGorty was pushed to a 14:43 winning time by Jacob Thomson (KY) on a much cooler day.  

Sheehan debuts at #16 in the rankings after his impressive showing versus a very strong Templeton, and we can't wait to see what great things he does the rest of the season.  Ben Huffman is also making a debut at #19 after his win in the heat at Great American.  Joining them are Taylor Caldwell and Alec Thomas, the stellar duo from Brentwood at #23 and #24 respectively.

The final race not to forget was a solo battle up north in Maine.  Debuting at #21, Josef Holt-Andrews (Telstar ME) obliterated a course record with a runaway win in a very fast 15:06.92 clocking.  How fast is that? Only the fastest HS prep 5k run in Maine, and yes that includes Ben True, Matt Lane, Riley Masters, etc...

Stay tuned each week as we bring you the Saucony Elite 50 Individual Boys every Tuesday morning!

Rank Time Year Name School State
1 13:55 3.0M Sr. Blake Haney Stockdale CA
2 14:47.20 Sr. Joe Hardy Seattle Prep WA
3 14:46.50 Sr. Cerake Geberkidane Denver East CO
4 13:56 Sr. Estevan De La Rosa Arcadia CA
5 15:04 Sr. Steven Fahy La Costa Canyon CA
6 14:24 3.0M Sr. Patrick Perrier O'Fallon IL
7 14:54 Sr. Aaron Templeton Hardin Valley TN
8 15:10 Sr. Kai Wilmot North Central WA
9 15:07.80 Sr. Mark Hadley Boardman OH
10 15:08.70 Sr. Nicholas Elswick Chardon OH
11 14:57 Jr. Matthew Maton Summit OR
12 15:30.8 Sr. Obsa Ali Richfield MN
13 15:15.3 Sr. Wolfgang Beck Gig Harbor WA
14 15:19.8 Jr. John Dressel Mt. Spokane WA
15 15:18.10 Sr. Kramer Morton Alta UT
16  14:55 Sr. Patrick Sheehan Lake Norman NC
17 14:25 3.0M Sr. Mickey Burke Rush-Henrietta NY
18 15:00 Jr. Elijah Armstrong Pocatello ID
19 14:59.40 Sr. Ben Huffman Providence Day School NC
20 15:17.95 Sr. Brian Cook Pearl River NY
21 15:06.92 Sr. Josef Holt-Andrews Telstar ME
22 15:13.70 Sr. Noah Kauppila Marquette MO
23 15:00.10 Sr. Taylor Caldwell Brentwood TN
24 15:00.20 Sr. Alec Thomas Brentwood TN
25 14:43 3.0M Sr. Louis Colson Thomas Edison VA