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4 months ago freshmen vs junior champs vs champs?
@lakefrye they are absolutely the worst at getting back to you on questions.
4 months ago Boys High School Hammer throw
Can you tell me when HS boys throw Hammer and if there are finals at all? If so when?
7 months ago Spectator Tickets
I have never received any emails or responses from this organization. This is terrible
8 months ago This is terribly confusing
@osifofamily I emailed them 2 days ago and still no reply. I am not able to do anything. This ...
8 months ago This is terribly confusing
I am not able to go in to make changes to my son's registration. On my receipt when I inititally...
8 months ago Spectator Tickets
How do the spectator tickets work? Are we limited to 1 or 2 per athlete or is it first come firs...
8 months ago Open & Championship divisions? There are new instructions. Please verify. Confused
I am also confused. I've never signed up my son before and I'm not sure what to do after receivin...
8 months ago Adidas National Meet
How many spectators are allowed per family?
8 months ago Spectator Tickets
Is a parent allowed in with their child who is competing? His Coach is not bringing him so I am.