Nike Cross Regionals - Southwest 2013

Gilbert, AZ


NXR-SW: Colorado summary Nov 25, 2013

Katie Rainsberger earned a return trip to Portland with Saturday's third-place finish in 17:45. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Fort Collins in a stunner Nov 23, 2013

Seniors and NXN veterans Audrey Oweimrin and Kari Van Zyl helped to key the biggest upset of the day at NXR-SW. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Cross country's grandest day Nov 18, 2013

For Melanie Nun and the rapidly-rising Colorado women, there is yet some hope for a podium finish on Saturday. Photo by Alan Versaw. 

Southwest Rankings, September 17 Sep 17, 2013

It's a familiar face, but an unfamiliar singlet, for Colorado fans of cross country. Lone Peak (UT) is riding high these days with the help of Clayson Shumway. Photo by Kyle Perry.