Nike Cross Regionals - Southwest 2012

Gilbert, AZ


Utah, Colorado, and Matters of Distance Jul 02, 2013

Ashi Geberkidane, Colorado's top XC performer in 2012, is flanked by two Utah runners, Kramer Morton and Brayden McLelland, late in last fall's NXR-SW championship race. Photo by Alan Versaw.

NXR-SW Redux Nov 25, 2012

Are there lessons to be drawn and things to be pondered over from this year's edition of NXR-SW? There certainly are, and perhaps we've captured a few of those in this article.

NXR-SW Summary: Utah Nov 20, 2012

Brayden McLelland led American Fork's charge on Saturday with a 15:03 in sixth. Photo by Alan Versaw.

NXR-SW Summary: New Mexico Nov 19, 2012

McKenz Leekya was New Mexico's top finisher in the open races at NXR-SW, with a solid time of 15:53. Photo by Alan Versaw.

NXR-SW Summary: Colorado Nov 19, 2012

Midway through the girls championship race, Elise Cranny, Heather Bates, and Katie Rainsberger were firmly entrenched among the top four. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Davis Dumps the Favorites Nov 18, 2012

Led by a 6-7 finish (3-4 in team scoring) from Shea Martinez and Ellie Child, Davis took away top honors in the Nike-Southwest regional. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Putting a Fork in It Nov 17, 2012

Late in the race, Bernie Montoya begins his counter-surge that would reel in the premature surge of Ben Saarel. Photo by Alan Versaw.

NXR-SW Individuals Nov 16, 2012

Did I hear you say you live for great individual match-ups? Your ship has come in!

NXR-SW Preview: Girls Nov 13, 2012

Claire Green and Kaitlyn Benner bring a Colorado state title with them to Arizona, along with hopes of tackling a course more suited to their natural speed. Photo by Jeff McCoy.

NXR-SW Preview: Boys Nov 12, 2012

Luis Martinez had a stellar senior cross country season for the Cleveland (NM) Storm and heads into Saturday's NXR-SW championship race as one of the favorites for the individual title and as the leader of a team in the hunt for a slot to NXN. Photo by Alan Versaw.

NXR-SW Rankings: October 3 Oct 03, 2012

Mountain Vista has a roster full of ways to hurt you. Andrew Walton and Eric Steiner are two of those ways. Colorado Track XC file photos.

NXR-SW Rankings: September 6 Sep 07, 2012

Kyle Lund leads a Fairview team that is rapidly rising the ladder of NXR-SW boys rankings. Photo by Alan Versaw.

NXR-SW Preseason Rankings Aug 22, 2012

Much to nobody's surprise, Erin Hooker and her Fort Collins teammates occupy the #1 preseason ranking in the NXR-SW region. Colorado Track XC file photo.

NXR-SW: First Glance, Boys Jul 27, 2012

Great contests have been the trademark of the NXR-SW races. Expect nothing about that to change this year. Colorado Track XC file photo.

NXR-SW: First Glance, Girls Jul 25, 2012

When the Fort Collins girls showed up fired up last November, it was a case of game on, game over. Colorado Track XC file photo.