Track Chats: Philip MacQuitty

Philip MacQuitty, Palo Alto CA, established the early-season US#1 mark in the 800 meter run with a time of 1:52.40.  Philip set his school record in the 800 with that run.  Next up on the chopping block, the 1600 and 3200 school records.  Read on for further details...

  We have a 1:58.51 as your 800 meter best from last Spring. Is that accurate? If so, are you surprised with your early season success and 6-second drop?

Philip MacQuitty:  I ran a 1:55.99 in a dual meet in the middle of the year last track season.  I was very surprised at my time because I haven't really been doing too much 800 training at all.  Where did you get your start in T&F? When did you first start seeing success on the track?

Philip MacQuitty:  I started seriously competing in middle school.  In 7th and 8th grade I ran Junior Olympics in both track and field and cross country.  You have great range on the track, from 800 to 3200. What do you hope to accomplish by the end of the spring? Times?

Philip MacQuitty:  Well, I want to break 3 Palo Alto records in the 800, mile and 2 mile.  I just broke the 800 record which was 1:54.1.  The mile record is 4:15 and 8:58 for the 2 mile.  I think if I get all these records it would be a great end to my high school career.  Maybe go under 4:10 for the mile.  What strategies do you employ in your races? Take it out hard, kick at the end, etc?

Philip MacQuitty:  It's hard to hold a general rule for what your going to do in a race when each race is different.  I would say my most common strategy is to sit and try to hold onto the pace and stay within striking of the leaders because I usually have a pretty good kick at the end of races.  What meets are you headed to this Spring?

Philip MacQuitty:  I will be competing at the Stanford Invite, at which I will be running the 1200 leg on my DMR team on Friday and the mile on Saturday.  Also, I will being doing the mile at Arcadia.  Those are the only two big invites I will being doing this season.  Then, the rest of the season is qualifying for states and hopefully Nationals.  What role models do you have on the track? What role models do you have off the track?

Philip MacQuitty:  I like Robby Andrews from Virginia especially after he outkicked (Andrew) Wheating (Oregon) in the 800 at Indoor Nationals.  My role model off the track is my dad.  When you aren't busy training and racing, what are other things that you enjoy doing?

Philip MacQuitty:  I love hanging out with friends, playing on the X-Box, and playing other pick-up sports.  Especially dunk ball with my friends. (Dunk ball is on 8 foot hoops at elementary schools).  From our database it looks like you are senior. Are you running competitively post-high school, have you settled on a college?

Philip MacQuitty:  I have settled on a college, I'm bound for UCLA.  GO BRUINS!  What is the most exciting thing about competitive racing?

Philip MacQuitty:  The most exciting about competing is definitely the last part of a race.  It's where you have the sensation that your going fast and that's where I feel the most adrenalin running through me.  Do you have any type of routine that you go through prior to racing?

Philip MacQuitty:  Yes, I usually warm up 15 minutes (jogging) and then I will do some dynamic stretching and strides to get the legs warm.  What is one of your favorite workouts? What was the best you ever did at this workout?

Philip MacQuitty:  A good work out that I like personally is this speed workout my team does.  400s at 62 (4-6 reps) then some 200 at 27 (4-6reps).  Best workout of all time is probably a 5 mile tempo in 26:39.  Nice controlled pace.