An In-Depth Interview With NXN Champion Coach Doug Soles

Recently, Cory Mull sat down with Herriman High School coach Doug Soles, who led his team to its first national title at Nike Cross Nationals on Dec. 2. The win also was a first for a Utah program and Soles' second team championship since his win with Great Oak in 2015. Soles has won two national titles, his teams have been a national runner-up twice and he's scored nine overall podiums.

Interview Segments: 

Welcoming Doug Soles [0:30]

The importance of NXN for Herriman [2:50]

How the schedule helps Utah [4:45]

The competitiveness in Utah in 2023 [6:00]

Building a champion; how Soles built Herriman quickly [7:40]

The strategy for Herriman entering NXN [10:00]

What the start of NXN required for Herriman [12:00]

Defeating expectations (or performing up to their standards) [14:00]

Sole's hallmarks of coaching this fall [15:30] 

Insight into Herriman's training plan [18:10]

The philosophy for Herriman moving forward [20:00]

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For The Holidays: 

Herriman coach Doug Soles wrote a book, Building Championship Cross Country Programs, which released in December of last year. For coaches looking to learn the craft or figure out new ideas, this one will give insight into the job. Paperback: $19.99