Q&A: Madison Whyte Plans To Soak In Bittersweet Moment

* Madison Whyte of Heritage Newport News (VA) is one of the top contenders for the Virginia 4A Indoor State Championships

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The five-time VHSL 4A state champion will look to add three more gold medals to her collection Monday and Tuesday. Madison Whyte of Heritage Newport News (VA), the No. 4 all-time performer in the 200m and 300m will line up for her final indoor state championships in Lynchburg. 

During the state championships, the USC signee will contest in the 55m, 500m and high jump. MileSplit had a moment to catchup with the star ahead of states. Whyte is looking forward to soaking up every moment at states. 


* Madison Whyte after she finished third in the 400m at the 2019 New Balance Nationals Outdoor

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Q: What's your first memory when it comes to running competitively?

A: My first memory when it comes to running competitively was being in Boo Williams when I was 10 years old with terrible form haha! 

Q: What do you do to mentally prepare yourself for competition?

A: Most of the time to mentally prepare me for a competition I picture myself executing my race plan and just doing my usual routine and staying calm

Q: What has been the most memorable race you competed in so far in your career?

A: The most memorable race I have ever competed in definitely has to be the 4x400 for Team USA in Cali, Colombia. Not only representing the U.S but running with people I've never met before and being in a different country is just an unmatched experience.

Q: Do you have any advice you would like to share with other runners?

A: The advice I would give to other runners is never to doubt yourself. It's an even playing field and as long as you're in the race you have a chance to win. It's not just winning the race with a gold medal, but being better than yourself the last time you were on the track. There is an opportunity in everything and you have to be optimistic. 

Q: When do you feel like you had a breakthrough moment in your career?

A: A breakthrough moment for me would probably be in Cali. I say that because I really surprised myself in that meet. I ran 3x400s in just a few days while being in a huge atmosphere with completely new teammates not thinking that my body was going to be able to handle it. Turns out, I was definitely made for it and that was the perfect environment and experience for me to trust my fitness. 

Q: How are you feeling going into the VA Indoor State Championships this weekend?

A: I'm feeling good. I really just want to enjoy this and soak in this bitter-sweet moment as this is my last indoor state meet 

Q: What goals are you looking to achieve at states?

A: The goals I'm looking forward to achieving at states are getting personal bests, and being state champions again, not only as an individual but as a team. It'll be awesome to reclaim that title again. 

Q: Which indoor season event has been your favorite to compete in so far and why?

A: My favorite indoor season event is the 4x200, although I don't run it that often it's truly just an event I really have fun in and it reminds me that it's super important to remember to have fun. 

* Madison Whyte and Speed Evolutions wins the 2022 adidas Track Indoor National title in the 4x200m with a 1:35.17

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Q: What's one thing you must do before you compete at a major championship?

A: Something I do before a major championship meet is relax and pretend I don't have one. 

Q: What hobbies do you like to do outside of running?

A: I don't really have any hobbies. I just volunteer around my community and get involved in my school. 

Q: What's a fun fact about you that not many people know about?

A: A fun fact about me is that I can sing... Occasionally 

Q: Who's your favorite track athlete and why?

A:  My favorite track athlete is Allyson Felix because she's just conquered and achieved so much and has stayed humble through it all. 

Q: What's your favorite subject in school?

A: My favorite subject in school is science, especially Biology because it covers stuff that goes on in our bodies and it's super interesting to me.

Q: Who inspires you and why?

A: Tara Davis-Woodhall inspires me because no matter what, her passion and love for the sport never dies and she keeps striving to be better. 

* Madison Whyte won the 300m at the Millrose Games with a 37.12

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